12 Novelty Gifts You’d Better Add to Your Easter Basket While They’re Still in Stock

5 months ago

Easter is coming, and if you still haven’t prepared gifts for your loved ones, we’ve got you covered. We made this list of cool items from Amazon that can make perfect gifts for those who’ve “seen everything” to make your choice a bit easier. From Crocs headlights to a living cactus you can carry around on a keychain, these novelty gifts can satisfy many needs and please an array of tastes. But get ready to buy these items in pairs because we’re pretty sure you’ll want to keep some of these brilliant gifts for yourself.

1. For those who like reading in bed, clip on the reading light. With this tiny but strong bookmark-shaped light you can keep reading your favorite books without disturbing whoever is sleeping beside you. You can bend the light forward at any angle for your ultimate convenience. And it’s so thin that when you’re done reading, you can just pop it into your book! The batteries are included in the package.

Promising review: I gave this light to my 7-year-old, so he can read in bed when he wakes up. He says it’s nice and bright and easy to clip onto the pages of his book.
It’s super cool because it’s very flexible, and it doesn’t break. The battery life is great, and we haven’t had to change them out yet. It is very light and small, so it could easily be put into your pocket for use on a flight or long journey. @J.Cats


2. For plant lovers, opt for this tiny cactus with a keyring. This miniature cactus protected by a case can be carried around on a keychain as an unusual decorative piece. When the plant outgrows the protective case, it can simply be replanted into a pot with cactus soil. Taking care of the plant is super easy — just put it into some water once a month, and it will absorb it through the small holes in the case. This is a perfect choice for someone who loves plants but travels frequently because it’s easy to carry this cactus around on any trip.

Promising review: Perfect gift. I bought this for a friend who is between homes on a long chain. She missed having plants around, but she didn’t have the space for a big one, so this was perfect. She LOVED it.
It’s very cute, a great gift, and was delivered promptly. I would highly recommend it as a little ray of sunshine. @Amazon customer


3. For those who like interesting things, snag this set of lip glosses with Coca-Cola flavors. These lip glosses are good at moisturizing one’s lips, and they smell and taste just like famous drinks by Coca-Cola, including Classic Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Sprite, Fanta Orange, and Fanta Strawberry. The unusual design of the package is a nice bonus, and both kids and adults love it.

Promising review: I got this pack for my quirky little son who loves flavored lip balms. Well, I’m so impressed. I didn’t expect the quality of the balms to be so good!
And believe me, I’ve used most brands out there on the market. It’s a superb value for the money. @BettyBoo


4. For avocado lovers, this avocado tree-growing kit is great. Many of us have heard of the so-called “toothpick method” to grow an avocado plant from a seed, but this little seed boat makes the process so much easier. This tool won’t damage the seed, and it will just float on the water’s surface, which will help it germinate faster. Put an avocado pit into this little boat, place the boat into a bowl with water, and wait! It’s just that simple.

Promising review: It’s a great pot, sturdy, and robust enough for its purpose, and it’s the one thing that has worked really well for growing an avocado plant. It’s so good that this is my second one. It’s a great value for the money, and it really works. @Viviliscious


5. For fans of sports and outdoor activities, get this ice towel. It works like magic! The moment the towel gets wet, it starts cooling you down immediately. Simply get it wet, wring out the excess water, shake the towel for 5–10 seconds to “activate” it, and enjoy its coolness! It’s lightweight, durable, and comes in a portable container, which makes it a perfect choice for doing sports or working outside on hot summer days.

Promising review: As a pregnant person, this was great to have in the car on a hot summer’s day. It’s always great for outside when working in the heat or general exercising. It stays cold and cools you down immediately. @Lauren


6. For the men who “have everything,” this multi-tool pen makes for a great gift. This little gadget includes a metal ballpoint pen (with 3 replacement refills), super bright LED light, telescopic baton, telescopic magnetic pickup tool, ruler, measuring tools (for centimeters/inches), and bubble leveler. This can be the perfect gift for any kid or adult, as it is versatile and can be easily carried around in one’s pocket. The bright yellow color makes this little helper hard to lose.

Promising review: This pen is great, and it’s a perfect present for my father who is difficult to buy for, or it would be good for a DIY enthusiast. It’s very useful for all those little jobs around the house when you need to measure or write something down or check if it’s level, as it’s all in the same tool. I used this to put a floating shelf up, and it was perfect to draw the line on the wall, having checked the level first. It’s a good buy for a novelty gift for a dad. @Harvey’s walker


7. Puzzle fans will adore this 3D crystal owl puzzle. Apart from being patient, completing this puzzle requires spatial imagination, and the process can engage both kids and adults. Once assembled, the 3D puzzle can serve as a stylish piece of home décor. Even puzzle lovers who’ve seen everything can be surprised when they receive such an unusual present.

Promising review: I love assembling 3D puzzles, as they’re not that simple, but I do love a challenge! It looked lovely once I had assembled it and looks great where I display my 3D puzzles. @TheLilDevil44


8. For those who like to stick to a healthy lifestyle, check out this seed sprouting kit. The unique hanging design of the jar allows for sufficient ventilation and drainage, which are both essential for successful sprouting. The item combines functionality with style and will suit any décor, which makes it a practical, classy, and interesting gift that you can’t go wrong with. The jar is transparent, so you can see all the stages of the seeds sprouting and eat them when they are of the best quality and taste.

Promising review: I really love this unit on my kitchen counter. It’s so easy to use and grow my sprouts. It looks great, and I’ve received compliments from guests. This makes for a great gift too! @Nina


9. Sushi lovers will appreciate this set of colorful socks that look like a yummy treat. Each sock is folded in a way that resembles a sushi piece when in the package, but once you unfold it, you see a stylish colorful pattern. This item turns a set of socks into an exciting gift that can make that someone special jump for joy! Each set includes 5 pairs of socks.

Promising review: I absolutely love these socks! They’re comfortable, very well-made, and are a fun design. I highly recommend buying these either for yourself or as a gift. @Toto Nelson


10. For those who love listening to music in the shower, opt for this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Thanks to the suction cup with a strong grip, the speaker can be securely attached to the shower wall. A built-in microphone allows you to answer phone calls while you’re bathing or taking a shower. The sound quality is great, and you can rest assured that the sounds of flowing water won’t prevent you from hearing your favorite songs.

Promising review: This cute little speaker has a big suction cup to stick it to the bathroom wall, and it sticks really well! The sound quality is good, and this speaker is waterproof. It has a function to receive calls as well. @marge


11. For those who can’t stand the heat, this portable USB-rechargeable fan is a life-saver. The fan is compact and foldable, which makes it a perfect choice for outdoor activities, as you can easily put it in your bag and carry it around. The blades of the fan create a strong airflow that will keep you cool, even on the hottest days. There are different colors to choose from, which makes this fan a perfect gift for almost anyone.

Promising review: Overall, it’s a really good product. It’s a little on the noisy side, especially when you increase the setting level, and it’s quite chunky, but it still fits easily into a small bag for going out if you want to take it out and about (which was why I bought it for our vacation). I like that it folds back on itself for easy storage/transportation, and I’ve used it a couple of times and not had to charge it yet, so the battery life is good! I would definitely buy it again. @Elly


12. Crocs fans will enjoy these Crocs headlights. Forget about using your mobile phone as a flashlight when walking in the dark, as these lights are much brighter and far more convenient. Just clip them onto your shoes and enjoy the walk! The waterproof design of the lights makes them a perfect choice for outdoor walks, even when it’s damp.

We saw people going crazy about similar Crocs lights on TikTok, and we couldn’t resist the temptation to search through Amazon and find them. So that’s what we did! Grab them while they’re still in stock and make a Crocs owner you know a little happier!


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