12 Stars Who Will Go an Extra Mile to Make Their Fans Feel Special

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There’s no doubt that fans play an important role in stars’ careers. They are the ones who shower them with admiration, encouragement, and support. In turn, most celebrities often try their best to give back to their fans and show appreciation for their devotion. While some stars express their appreciation through small gestures of kindness, others don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to make their fans feel special.

We at Bright Side are always on the lookout for touching stories, and today we bring you a list of celebrities whose kindness will totally melt your heart.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

When Limbitless Solutions in Florida made a robotic arm for the disabled boy Alex Pring, the Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. showed up for a surprise visit and presented the arm to the then 7-year-old fan. The boy is a huge superhero fan, but he managed to stay very cool when meeting the real Iron Man.

Downey opened two silver cases to reveal both the bionic limb and his own Iron Man arm, and then they compared the two arms. The actor complimented Alex by saying that his arm is much better than Iron Man’s. Downey said it was an ‘absolute privilege’ to deliver the 3D-printed prosthetic to Alex. Downey shared the video of the encounter on his Facebook profile, saying that Alex is ’’the most dapper 7-year-old’’ he ever met.

2. Drake

When 11-year-old Sofia Sanchez was waiting for a heart transplant surgery back in 2018, the famous Canadian rapper came to visit her in a Chicago hospital. The little girl is Drake’s superfan, and her biggest wish was to meet her idol in person. The music star didn’t think twice and came straight away to brighten up Sofia’s hospital days. He entered her room, saying, “You asked me to come, and here I am.”

3. Kim Kardashian

In 2020, the reality star surprised her fans when she announced that she will give $500 to 1000 people as a Christmas gift: ’’Hey guys! 2020 has been hard and many are worried about paying rent or putting food on their table — I want to spread the love by sending $500 to 1000 people,’’ Kardashian posted on Twitter.

4. Nicki Minaj

In May 2017 the famous musician offered to help more than 30 studious fans with their college tuition and student loans. “Show me straight A’s that I can verify with your school, and I’ll pay it,” she responded to a fan who asked if she would pay for his tuition. Minaj also invited others to send in financial requests for schooling: “Who wants to join THAT contest?!?! Dead serious. Should I set it up?” the star tweeted.

5. Jason Momoa

In 2020, the Game of Thrones star shared clips of a video call he had with a young Aquaman fan who is battling cancer on his Instagram. Momoa thanked everyone for reaching out and for bringing ’’the beautiful boy Danny’’ to his attention. The young fan was visibly star-struck as he chatted with his hero, and Momoa was so delighted that he even invited little Danny to join the crew on the set of Aquaman.

6. Katy Perry

In 2018 the “Roar” singer joined the list of celebrities who support their fans in the hardest moments, but Perry took things next level when she made a house call to a fan who was recovering from brain surgery. Grace Moores, the devoted 8-year-old fan, who couldn’t attend Perry’s concert due to the surgery, was over the moon.

Grace’s mother told the press that the little girl was ’’shocked’’ when she saw Katy at her front door: ’’She was just in awe, the smile on her face was just priceless.’’ The famous singer performed three songs of Grace’s choice and made the child feel truly special: ’’She’s definitely walking on cloud nine this morning,’’ her mother said, and thanked Perry for giving the family ’’a bit of a lift’’ in difficult times.

7. Tom Cruise

After the Ohio State University Marching Band performed their Top Gun-inspired halftime show in December 2021, the legendary actor sent them a surprise gift and declared himself their fan: ’’Dear band, the Top Gun tribute was fantastic. What a phenomenal performance! Thank you so much. I’d love for you all to be my guests at a special Top Gun: Maverick screening this spring,’’ Cruise wrote in his fan letter.

8. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for being super nice to her fans. Not only that, she shows up to their weddings, bakes them cookies, and sends them gifts. She actually helped one of her fans buy a home. Stephanie Waw’s life took an unexpected turn in 2018 when her idol offered to buy her a house.

Stephanie was homeless and pregnant at that time, and Taylor’s generous act was a true blessing. The famous singer offered to also get her everything else she needs to raise her baby: ’’I want you to be able to enjoy your little girl, not have to worry about all this stuff,’’ Swift said to her.

9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took a 7-year-old terminally ill fan, Gabriel ’’Tater’’ Singleton, to hang out with him on the set of Baywatch. The boy who endured a number of difficult surgeries had been waiting for months to meet his hero. ’’Every time Tater would go to the hospital, he would take his Rock figurine and stuffed animal with him,’’ Johnson mentioned a touching detail in his Instagram post. Deeply moved by the boy’s struggle, the actor didn’t think twice and made sure to make Gabriel’s dream come true.

10. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is known to have one of the most devoted fan bases in the music industry. In turn, he often makes an effort to surprise them in the sweetest ways possible. He once helped make one of his fan’s Quinceañera party come true. The famous Canadian musician visited the home of his 21-year-old fan, Ashley, to take her to the party.

Due to a serious battle with meningitis, the girl was initially forced to miss out on the big celebration. She confessed that she often relied on Justin’s music to help her hold on during her struggle, and Justin went out of his way to make her feel special for the night. In addition to organizing the dream party, he surprised her by preparing a gorgeous pink gown that she wore that night.

11. Meghan Markle

Despite her once royal status, Markle demonstrated how down-to-earth and approachable she is. In addition to her charity work, Meghan is known to be a great pen pal, as she often exchanges letters with her fans. In 2016, she wrote a handwritten letter to a fan, and when Markle spotted her fan in the audience, she briefly interrupted the interview and came over to say hi and exchanged a friendly hug. The fan claims this kind gesture ’’changed her life’’.

12. John Bon Jovi

Having your idol present at your wedding is surely something a lot of us would wish for. For one Bon Jovi fan, this dream came true when the famous rocker appeared at her Las Vegas wedding ceremony in 2013. Much to the fan’s delight, he even walked her down the aisle.

Which celebrity would you like to show up at your doorstep or send you a handwritten letter?

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