12 Stylish Ways to Wear a Sweater Without Sacrificing Your Comfort

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A basic sweater is an integral part of one’s wardrobe for the fall-winter season. You can combine it with a skirt, pants, jeans, and even leggings. And even though we tend to choose what to wear without thinking about it much, we can create many fantastic and comfortable ensembles with the help of a simple sweater.

A sweater and a long shirt

It’s pretty common to wear a shirt under a sweater, but usually, you can see only its collar. However, if you wear an oversized sweater over a shirt, you will look stylish and practical. Go for a long shirt or blouse, with its edges visible under the top. You can combine different shades or stick with one color only. This ensemble will be a good option for creating a business-friendly look, but you can also choose items in contrasting colors to create a street-style getup.

A sweater and a belt

A belt is an accessory that can transform almost any outfit. If you tie a sweater with a belt, it will emphasize your waist. To create a more playful look you can add a thin bow belt to your short sweater to create a more playful look. A classic sweater in neutral shades can be cinched at the waist with a brown leather belt.

A sweater and a denim shirt

Denim shirts look attractive, but they will make your look even more stylish if you combine them with other clothing items, creating layers. You can put a sweater on top and roll up your sleeves. This way, the sweater becomes the focal point of your ensemble, while the denim shirt serves as an unexpected twist.

A sweater with rolled-up sleeves

We tend to pull up our sleeves above the elbows when we feel warm or want to do something with our hands. But rolling up your sleeves is also a great way to change the style of your sweater. Of course, you will have to spend a little time rolling up your sleeves to look how you want, but the result is worth it.

A sweater over your shoulders

This style works only with thin sweaters because chunky knit models will look too bulky. Start by folding the sweater to hide the neckline. Then drape it over your shoulders, so the sleeves hang loosely at the front. You can also tie them if you wish. This way, the sweater becomes an accessory, and you get a relaxed look.

A sweater over one shoulder

This is another way to wear your sweater over the shoulders; it looks quite trendy. First, fold the sweater to hide the neckline, then put one sleeve over your shoulder and the other under your arm. Tie the sleeves across your chest.

A sweater and a silk dress

If you want to look elegant and, at the same time, feel warm, the combination of a silk dress with a soft sweater is the best choice. You can wear this outfit to dinner at a restaurant, a party, a meeting with friends, or a date. Pair a long-sleeved oversized sweater over a silk dress with sneakers for a casual look. And if you complement the outfit with high-heeled shoes, your look will become more business-like.

A sweater and a jacket

The sweater doesn’t have to be always the outermost layer. Thin sweaters can be easily combined with a jacket. If you seek an office look, it’s best to choose neutral shades, such as a white sweater and a black jacket. But if you want to look casual, go for bold colors or unusual prints.

A sweater and a belt bag

If a sweater with a belt looks stylish, a belt bag can work wonders, and your outfit will look fantastic. A belt bag can also be an excellent accessory to cinch an oversized sweater. In addition, this combination is also functional because you can carry necessary items, like a phone, keys, and lip gloss, in the bag.

A sweater and a turtleneck

If you want to try this combination, make sure that the sweater you plan to wear on top is more oversized than the turtleneck. This is necessary to prevent the sweater from pulling up when you move. V-neck sweaters look best over turtlenecks. This neckline leaves room for different accessories, like a necklace or a scarf. In addition, it makes your body visually longer. Anyone who wants to appear taller might wish to use this trick.

A shirt over a sweater

We don’t typically consider this combination because we might think a thinner layer should be underneath a thicker one. But wearing an oversized white shirt over a sweater will look fresh and stylish. It’s best to choose a turtleneck or a V-neck sweater for this outfit.

A sweater and a silk scarf

We’re used to wearing voluminous, warm scarves in the cold season. But why not try an elegant silk scarf that can make your outfit look much airier? Tuck a silk scarf around your neck under the sweater’s neckline, so it peeks out a little.

How do you like to wear your sweaters?


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