13 Stunning Locations Few People Know About — Trust Us, They’re Definitely Worth Visiting

4 years ago

Every city has a “classic” list of sights that all tourists visit: the main cathedral, the biggest square, and other things within the downtown area. But sometimes, the most unusual things can be found in the outskirts of town.

Bright Side has collected several really cool, memorable sights that deserve to be seen. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus feature about places that any football fan would love to visit.

13. Rainbow Village, Taiwan

This village in Taiwan wasn’t always so cool. 86-year-old Huang Yin-Fu thought that the streets of his town weren’t bright enough. So he painted the walls and the roads in his village using inspiration from Taiwanese traditions.

12. Shell Grotto, Great Britain

This shell grotto is one of the biggest secrets of Great Britain. It’s not known who did this, when, or why. According to different versions, ancient pagans did this, or maybe witches or a secret community.

Over 5 million shells were used. Whoever it was, they did a great job. This grotto was found accidentally — a man was digging in a pond for his ducks. You can see the grotto here.

11. Quinta da Regaleira, Portugal

The Quinta da Regaleira residence is an amazingly beautiful and mysterious place. Here, you can walk around for hours enjoying the views of fountains, clocks, and grottos. But the most interesting thing here is the spiral 27-ft-deep well. It’s also called the “Upside-down Tower”.

As the legend says, masons used to have initiation in it.

10. Merry Cemetery, Romania

The merriest cemetery in the world is called Cimitirul Vessel and it’s located in Romania. Here, the bright blue tombstones say what the person used to do when he or she was alive.

The old tombstones mostly show women and men who worked in fields — the modern ones show bartenders, mechanics, and chemists. Their caricatures are accompanied by short, funny poems.

9. Living Root Bridges, India

In one of the most humid places on Earth, Cherrapunji, there are unusual bridges that can be referred to as the most eco-friendly bridges in the world. They’re made of tree roots and year by year, the bridges are becoming stronger and stronger.

Local people have been directing the roots across the river for decades — this is how these fantasy-like bridges were formed.

8. Temple of Damanhur, Italy

Not far from Torino, there is a mysterious Damanhur community. In the ’80s, people from the community wanted to build a temple here, but they were afraid that the authorities wouldn’t let them do it so they built the temple underground.

The construction took 14 years and consists of several floors. Ancient techniques were used to paint it. There are a lot of columns and stained glass inside. The place is incredibly beautiful.

7. Stalacpipe Organ, U.S.

In one of the caves in Virginia, there is an organ that has stalactites instead of pipes. It was created in 1957 by a mathematician who was walking in the cave and noticed that the acoustics were great.

There is a small hammer attached to every stalactite. They are moved by keyboards. This is the only instrument of its kind in the world.

6. White Temple, Thailand

The White Temple, Wat Rong Khun is located not far from Chiang Rai and looks a lot like an ice palace. It was built not long ago — 1997. The road to the temple, as the author says, is the path from hell to paradise and there are dozens of hands on the way that symbolize temptation and doubt.

5. Paronella Park, Australia

Paronella Park was built in 1930 and was very popular, but then people stopped visiting it. At the end of the 20th century, the park was restored but the moss was left on the monuments because it looked great alongside the fountains and waterfalls. This makes the place more attractive and atmospheric.

4. Carhenge, U.S.

Carhenge is a good replica of Stonehenge, except that it’s built of old painted cars. It was created by mechanic Jim Reinders who created the memorial in memory of his father.

We imagine this is what Stonehenge in an apocalyptic world would look like. It’s located in Nebraska.

3. The Stockholm Metro

The Stockholm Metro is one of the most unusual ones in the world. It looks like a cave and a museum at the same time. In one of the stations, you can see a giant’s boots on the ceiling, and other stations are painted like a rainbow.

Some stations are exhibitions, too. This metro is one of the longest art galleries in the world.

2. Dismaland, Great Britain

Bansky, a mysterious provocative artist, created the opposite of Disneyland and named it “Dismaland”. The park is full of strange and dark exhibits like a woman attacked by pigeons, a turned carriage with a dead Cinderella inside and many other really scary things. And all the staff has sad faces. If you want to visit this place, don’t take your children.

1. David Beckham Temple, Bangkok

This temple is actually called Wat Pariwat, but it’s usually referred to as “David Beckham Temple”. Some local fans wanted to add their idol to the temple. For some reason, nobody objected.

But Beckham is not the only one you can find here. There is also Pikachu, Superman, Che Guevara, Albert Einstein and many others.

Bonus: amazing football fields

The picture on the left was taken from a small plane in Norway Lofoten Islands. What a great landscape!

The one on the right is Meschersky Park in Moscow, Russia. This football field is surrounded by trees and the climate there is pretty cool, so playing football must feel really nice.

What unusual and amazing places have you been to? Tell us in the comment section below!


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