14 Celebrities Who Celebrated Their Kids With Lovely Tattoos

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Sometimes a tattoo is a way for people to show their loved ones just how much they care about them. And if a significant other leaves you alone with a constant reminder of a failed affair in the form of ink, this bond will last a lifetime. A romantic relationship can end, but your son or daughter will always be your child, no matter what happens.

1. Adele

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Adele clearly loves her son, Angelo. The singing superstar has not just one, but 2 tattoos dedicated to her child. The first, Angelo’s name, can be found on the outer part of her right hand. The second, the letter “A” in an elegant font, can be found just behind her right ear.

2. Gigi Hadid

The supermodel opened up about how she was glad to become a young mom at 25 to her daughter with former partner and One Direction star, Zayn Malik. To celebrate this love, Hadid got a dainty tattoo that says Khai, her daughter’s name, in Arabic.

3. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner might be the youngest billionaire in the business, but her daughter, Stormi, just proved exactly who’s in charge of things. The reality star got 2 small tattoos paying tribute to her child with a tiny 4:43, the time that Jenner gave birth to her daughter, inked onto her forearm, along with Stormi’s name on her tricep.

4. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and her husband, musician John Legend, tragically lost their little boy, Jack, after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The model unveiled a touching tribute revealing a tattoo on her wrist, which featured Jack’s name written in cursive script.

5. David Beckham

David Beckham has a whole collection of tattoos on his body. But this time, he got some very special ink designed by his daughter, Harper. She drew a girl wearing a dress and high heels with her arms outstretched, looking like she was about to give her dad a big hug. Harper is a true little artist.

6. Susan Sarandon

The Oscar-winning star proved that you’re never too old for a tattoo. Susan has the letters “MEJ” tattooed down the center of her upper back. They are the initials of her 3 children, Miles, Eva, and Jack.

7. Beyoncé

Just after her twins Rumi and Sir were born, Beyoncé revealed a new tattoo on her wedding ring finger. Because there are 3 dots, fans are pretty certain it’s a nod to Blue Ivy and the twins. Beyoncé didn’t leave a caption, so we can’t be sure, but it makes sense. We all know that Queen B likes to commemorate her family in ink.

8. Cardi B

The rapper made a bold statement with her tattoo, which spells out her son’s name, Wave, in red ink on her jaw. Cardi B shared she has no regrets about her face ink, saying, “I love my face tat.”

9. Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore’s daughters, Olive and Frankie, are always on her mind. And after 2016, they’re always her wrist too. In their honor, the actress had their names inked on her arm.

10. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba visited celebrity tattoo artist Doctor Woo to have tattoos of constellations representing each of her child’s astrological signs. The ink is super delicate and hardly noticeable, even when her arm’s exposed.

11. Taye Diggs

The actor came up with a sweet way to preserve his son Walker’s charming scribbles — he asked him to write “I love Daddy” and got the words inked on his arm.

12. Michael Bublé

The singer shared a cute video revealing that he had the name of his fourth child, Cielo, tattooed on his arm above the names of his 3 other children, Noah, Elias, and Vida.

13. Lenny Kravitz

Most celeb parents get tattoos in honor of their children right after their birth or when they’re still kids. But Lenny Kravitz has always been a creative person. He got a “Z” tattooed on his finger for his adult daughter, Zoë Kravitz, after performing at the 2015 Super Bowl.

14. Olivia Wilde

The actress and director revealed 2 meaningful tattoos in honor of her 2 children, Daisy and Otis, on her forearms.


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