14 Facial Features and Personality Traits That Everybody Loves

10 months ago

The department of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent carried out a research project which identified the most attractive facial features for men and women.

Bright Side considered this topic to be very curious and decided to compare them with the 6 most attractive personality traits. Because we know that real beauty is on the inside.

The contrast between skin and eye/lip colors can affect attractiveness.

A woman’s face is perceived as more feminine and young if her eyes and lips are highlighted. On the contrary, a man’s face is perceived to be more masculine and mature if the contrast is almost nonexistent.

This research confirms that the closer the eyebrows are to the eyes, the bigger they look.

Faces with a straight nose look more symmetrical, thus they are perceived to be more attractive.

Research shows that men consider eye makeup and clear skin tone the most significant features of a woman’s beauty. At the same time, lip makeup is not really important.

A smooth jawline is one of the attractive facial features for a woman. Also, a woman’s beauty is defined by the level of stress hormones inside her body. The lower the level, the more attractive she is.

As for men, their attractiveness is defined by a strong immune system.

In the process of the research, it was discovered that women found men with oval-shaped faces more attractive. At the same time, men preferred women with heart-shaped faces.

People with brown hair (including their eyelashes and eyebrows) turned out to be more attractive for both men and women. However, the experiment proved that despite the fact that men prefer brunettes in pictures, in real life they prefer blonde women.

The research identified that tanned people seem to be more attractive. The team at the University of Bristol came to the conclusion that diet also affects skin color and attractiveness. Golden shades of skin are provided by carotenoids, which can be found in fruits and vegetables of yellow, orange, and red colors.

These people are always busy. They can amazingly combine education, career, passion, and benevolence. That’s why it is said "once gifted, always gifted." Active people are self-sufficient, have a wide range of interests, and never demand excessive attention. People are usually attracted to them because they are always full of ideas.

They usually have the looks, but at the same time they like and know how to work. For them, the sky is the limit. They don’t hide their ambitions and are ready to sacrifice a lot to achieve them. That is why they are always hard-working people who constantly develop their skills.

This type of person is the most spontaneous and sincere. They can laugh at themselves, and it is hard to embarrass them. At the same time, they can be serious and provide full support when needed. They are a source of energy for everyone around them. Liveliness, self-irony, and trustworthiness are the qualities that make them completely irresistible.

This is a very special type of person. Their charm is in their nobleness, wisdom, and self-confidence. Their every word is credible, which is why when they speak, everybody is silent. Their power is calmness and prudence. You can turn to them when you need to discuss something really important.

The people with the biggest hearts have usually gone through a personal drama and still managed to find their place in life. Their success is not to satisfy their self-esteem but to help those who are close to them. They are sincerely happy to help, and it moves them to do more good deeds.

People who love children are very attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. They seem to be kind, caring, and charming. To a man, it is important to see how a woman gets on with children. On the other hand, women cannot resist men who love animals.


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