14 Fun Gizmos and Gadgets That Will Serve as Perfect Gifts for Yourself

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Today’s world can be incredibly chaotic, and we oftentimes forget to take care of ourselves in the midst of our hustle and grind. But who understands and knows you better than yourself? That’s why you should make time for your needs and experience things that can make you happy as often as possible.

Here are some amazing gift ideas that you can use to treat yourself and celebrate your accomplishments, starting today.

1. This extremely cute mini humidifier can help keep your skin refreshed and hydrated while you work at your desk. This humidifier works super quietly, and as an additional feature, it changes LED colors and can work as a nightlight. It can run for up to 7–8 hours.

Promising review:
I love this humidifier! It’s super cute and compact, taking up minimal space by my bed. The mist is pretty fine, so it won’t leave the area soaking wet. If you have a small room or area that you want to be a little more humid, this works great, but if you have a larger room, you’ll want to get a bigger product!! Side note: this product must be plugged in to work; it’s not charged or battery-operated. @Megan

2. This beautiful and affordable holographic nail polish shimmers in the light in a gorgeous array of colors. The set includes 2 bottles of nail polish, one silver and one pink. You won’t be able to stop staring at your nails after painting them with this nail polish.

Promising review:
The amazing nail varnish lasts about 4–5 days without chipping. I recommend 2 layers for the effect, and for it to last long, I would advise buying a top coat.🎉 @foxanne

3. If you like to listen to music while you cook, shower, or work in the garden, then this super cute radio is definitely for you. On this device, you can listen to FM radio and stream your music via Bluetooth. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and sound of this little gem.

Promising review:
I was super surprised and impressed by this product. The speaker works incredibly well. For its small size, it gets very loud. You can actually play the radio on it, which I thought was very cool. By spinning the dial, you change the channels.
That was a fun surprise for me. The Bluetooth is easy to set up, and the sound quality is great. I bought this as a gift for my sister. She loves it. And then I had to get one for myself. @SquidneyBean

4. This milk frother is essential for any coffee enthusiast. It allows you to make a nice, smooth foam without the big bubbles for your coffee at home. This device is also great for mixing other drinks as well, such as protein shakes, hot chocolate, or matcha.

Promising review:
Holy cow, this thing is awesome! It has taken my coffee game to the next level! I’ve been using it every day for weeks, and the power hasn’t weakened at all! I’ve used it in whole milk and coconut milk, and it works like a dream! 10 out of 10 would recommend! @Flossie Foster

5. This is a pair of lightsaber chopsticks for a Star Wars fan that illuminates in bright colors. They’re fun to wave around, have wood battles with, or start a light sword duel. They come in 5 different colors to choose from.

Promising review:
My family loves Chinese food! It was bought as a gag gift, and my family loves it! Love the bright blue lighting (lights up a dark room like lightsabers)!
It has an off and on switch; not sure how long the battery will last. Great laughs and memories! Definitely a great buy! @ET

6. Bring the SPA experience to your home with this eye therapy massager. You can use it every day after work to manage stress and insomnia, or simply take time out to relax without any screens. This device can give you a heated massage while streaming relaxing music through Bluetooth.

Promising review:
Omg!! This eye massager is amazing! I’m glad I took the chance on buying this. I sleep like a dead fish, and I’m so relaxed after using this almost every night!
It’s so good that I bought one for my son who sits a lot at his computer for his studies and jobs. He said he’s getting better sleep due to the Renpho eye massager! I can’t get enough of the massager. Sometimes I use both the automatic and sleep modes at the same time before bedtime, and poof! I’m in dreamland. Highly recommended! 👌
Excellent product, both in terms of quality and price! I think it helps with my puffy eyes too, but mostly I look forward to using it and I know I’ll get a good night’s sleep. 😴 The Renpho eye massager is AWESOME! @christina emir

7. With this adorable AirPods case, expect to get a lot of compliments and curious reactions. This is especially useful if you often drop your AirPods, as the case is made of durable silicone. Also, because the case stands out, you can quickly find it if you misplace it.

Promising review:
This is the absolute cutest case ever. This makes my list of favorite purchases of the year! It fits snuggly and opens very seamlessly. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it. I like how cute it looks, even when it’s just sitting on my desk. @Alyssa

8. This waterproof shower phone holder is perfect if you like to watch or listen to YouTube videos on your phone and sing in the shower. Just attach this phone holder to any surface and use your phone without the risk of water getting in it. You can also rotate the phone to the desired angle and touch the screen.

Promising review:
Best bathroom purchase I’ve ever made! I wanted something to protect my phone in the shower, so I could control my music while I’m showering. This has been amazing. It is sturdy on the shower tile wall; it twists vertically or horizontally, it actually picks up your finger movements, and it keeps the water off.
Some people complained that you couldn’t hear anything out of it, but I connect my phone to my Bluetooth speaker, so that’s not an issue for me! @Amazon Customer

9. If you’re looking to relax after a stressful day, fill the air in the room with the pleasant scents of essential oils with the help of this diffuser. The scents last for 3 hours before needing to be refilled. And it works as a nightlight, as it’s made of glass and has color-changing lights.

Promising review:
Absolutely fantastic. Simply fill with water, add your scent, and press the 2 buttons for your preferred glow and color; the second button is for scent and strength. Last for a few hours, and you will need to top off with both the scent and water. It really does help you drift off to sleep. It has a nice trickle of water, which I find soothing.
You can turn off the light glow and just have the scent, or turn off the scent and just have the glow. Arrives well-packed. Note that this has a glass lampshade. Easy to put together. Looks nice on or off. @jan

10. You can keep this portable soap in your pocket to wash your hands almost anywhere with just a little bit of water. The scent is very delicate and varies depending on the color of the box. The set includes 10 miniature boxes with 200 sheets of soap.

Promising review:
I loved the smell, and I found it so easy to carry while traveling. It was very useful in places where soap was nonexistent, and you wanted to clean your hands thoroughly. I liked the different colors and the small containers it came in; they were easy to open and take the soap sheet out individually. I loved the product. @Amazon Customer

11. Add to your working desk a little adorable companion that can stream your Spotify music, work as a smart alarm clock, and show different pixel images. This portable speaker can even provide a visual notification, and you can send back a voice message. And when you get bored, you can play mini-pixel games on it.

Promising review:
Amazing little addition to your desk. The sound quality is surprisingly really good and has replaced my main setup. The system is really easy to understand and navigate, so setting up alarms, Bluetooth, or custom screens is fun and easy. @Cameron Kerr

12. Printing photos at a photo center is a thing of the past, but if you still want to capture the charm of your favorite moments in the form of a photograph, a tiny printer can help. It can fit in your pocket, print high-quality photos, and allows you to edit photos directly from the HP Sprocket app.

Promising review:
When I bought this, I wasn’t expecting brilliant picture quality; I have been pleasantly surprised. I bought it, so I could stick photos in my journal for the photography course I’m doing. It’s excellent for that purpose and so much more. My fridge is now covered in photos!
The photo printouts are of great quality. The app is also really good; I’ve never seen such a wide selection of frames in any other photo app. I am very pleased with this purchase. @Rob Bell

13. Everyone experiences little memory lapses from time to time, which can be quite frustrating. Use this wallet finder to avoid making the same mistake of losing or forgetting your stuff. Connect it to the app, and it will send you a notice on your phone to remind you to bring your wallet with you.

Promising review:
Brilliant little gadget! I bought this tracker for my suitcase when traveling to America recently. I didn’t need to worry about losing my suitcase, and it gave me the accurate address of my destination. I can certainly recommend this device. @bryank67

14. A fast portable charger is perfect for extending battery life while still allowing you to use the phone without the necessity of any additional cables. This one is especially convenient since you can see when the phone is fully charged through the little window, and it’s tiny compared to power banks.

Promising review:
This is a fantastic little charger. I like it because it’s so convenient and simply clips to the bottom of your iPhone, eliminating the need for cables. It has a display that tells you how much charge it has left.
It is perfect for popping in your pocket or handbag when you are away from home and may need a charge. I would highly recommend this product. @Andy

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