14 People Share Eerie Stories of Ghostly Visitors

5 months ago

Some people claim that ghosts and spirits are simply figments of our imagination, but the supernatural compilation we have for you today might just make you reconsider that notion. Even if you’re a skeptic, these stories are sure to make you feel a bit spooked.

  • My grandmother passed away before my son was born, and I was a single mother living alone at the time.
    The baby had fallen asleep early, so I grabbed the baby monitor and decided to go over to the neighbor’s house for something. I think it was to ask for a cookbook, but I’ve forgotten. About halfway across our yards, I could hear my son beginning to toss in his sleep. I stopped to listen for a bit and began hearing soft singing—an old-timey song my grandma used to sing to me because it had my name in it.
    I sort of just dropped to the grass, listened to it for a little bit, and cried. © c***ibal87 / Reddit
  • Both of my mother’s parents died within a couple of years of each other, leaving her a house on the coast that we visit every summer.
    One night this year, my mom and I are sitting in the living room. I’m reading a book, and she’s watching TV. I’m sitting directly below a ceiling lightbulb that is out. I complain that I can’t see my book, and my mom says, “My dad could have fixed that. Dad, can you turn that light on, please, so she can read?” And immediately, the bulb clicks on.
    We both look at each other and smile, incredulously. “Pop-pop could always fix anything,” my mom said, tears in her eyes. © nycblackwidow / Reddit
  • Worked at a public pool, and I would work alone after hours cleaning the building and the pool. One night around 2 a.m. I hear the sound of a child’s laughter and bare feet running across the pool deck. I go out and scan the area; there’s nobody in sight. The doors are all closed and locked, there is nowhere a kid could be hiding. No wet footprints on the pool deck. I re-checked the doors and the security monitors. I am the only person in the building. © Oldmanenok / Reddit
  • I’ve never met my great-grandfather before, but when I was around 3, I was at my grandma’s house and I just waved goodbye to something invisible. When they asked me who it was, I said, “Great-grandpa,” and they didn’t believe me until I pointed him out in one of the photos later. © inc_mplete / Reddit
  • A while after my grandma died, my mom and I were looking at a photo of her that we had on a shelf. She was never a nice person. Until the moment she died, she refused any help from anyone but was quick to steal and lie. My grandma also didn’t like my mom.
    Anyway, I mentioned how in the photo she’s not smiling and how she never really smiled in life. As my mom was agreeing with me, suddenly the glass cracked straight across my grandma’s lips in the photo. My mom took the picture down the next day. © Chango_D / Reddit
  • One time, it was around April 2018, about three months after my grandmother died. I was doing the dishes around 12:30 am, and no one was home. When I turned around, I saw my grandmother in a white dress, basically floating across the room.
    I dropped the dishes, phoned my parents, and sat in the toilet. At that point, all the power went off in the house, and I screamed. My parents came home, and I was in a state of disbelief for like two months. © instagram-normies / Reddit
  • My dad died. After I found out, I went home. My parents were separated, so my mom and dad each had a house. My mom is disabled and has a two-story house. It’s very hard for her to go up and down the stairs.
    My old bedroom was upstairs. I got into the house around 2 in the morning with my husband. We were lying in bed, and my husband instantly fell asleep. I was too upset to sleep. My door was cracked, and I saw a shadow pass by my door. I thought it was my mom checking to make sure I got home okay.
    After a few hours of not sleeping, I went downstairs to get coffee, and my mom was there. I said, “Thanks for checking on me last night.” She looked very confused and said, “I didn’t go upstairs at all last night.” I’m convinced it was my dad checking on me. © S*EPikachu / Reddit
  • A few weeks after my grandfather died, as I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep, my phone suddenly started playing this old-timey jazz music out of nowhere. It wasn’t a ringtone or anything. It only lasted about 10 seconds, and I checked to see if I had any apps open—nothing. I also had no music whatsoever on my phone for this sound file to just start randomly playing.
    The next day, I asked my mom what my grandfather’s favorite type of music was, and she sent me a YouTube link. It sounded not the same, but very similar to what had been played. In the moment, it kind of scared me, but even then, I thought it was my grandpa trying to reach out to me somehow. I took his death pretty hard. © Kablam29 / Reddit
  • This happened a few weeks after my grandpa passed away. My cousin and I were at my grandma’s one afternoon. My grandma and a couple of relatives went shopping and left us alone.
    So, I was looking out the window for some friends to come home across the street, and my cousin was in the bathroom when out of nowhere, I heard my grandpa’s voice saying, “Richard!” So, I say to my cousin, “Did you hear that?” and he responds, “Yeah, sounds like grandpa.” We both, to this day, heard his voice. © baker3484 / Reddit
  • My grandpa had died a few months before, and my grandma was staying with us at my house. I was sitting at the kitchen island, writing in a journal about how much I missed him and how I hoped he was okay. Suddenly, I felt a hand grab my wrist, and immediately looked over to see if someone was there. I became startled but decided it was probably my grandpa telling me he was okay. © thattaurushoe / Reddit
  • It was a year after my grandpa had died, and we couldn’t find my baby brother in the house. 30 minutes later, we see him in Grandpa’s room, laughing and babbling as if someone were there with him. Now, years later, he still goes into that room, looking for him. I wonder if he had seen his ghost or something like that. © Cabron_Sito / Reddit
  • Once, my friend and I were talking about a terrible story when suddenly the conversation stopped. No, she didn’t turn it off; we just stopped hearing each other. Suddenly, someone started to breathe deeply into my telephone handset. I jumped out of bed and turned off the phone.
    Then, after 15 minutes, I called my friend, and she said that she also heard something, but it was not deep sighs; someone snarled into her telephone and made strange sounds. After this situation, I began to believe in spirits. © Namjoon72662 / Reddit
  • When my daughter was two and a half, she said, “When I was in your tummy the first time, I couldn’t come out, so I came back again to be born.” I had a miscarriage 3 months before I was pregnant with her and never spoke of it to her. © OrangeLaundry / Reddit
  • A close friend of mine named Ashley died in a car crash when I was 15. About a year later, my 3-year-old brother was playing behind the sofa. It was plain to see that he thought he was talking to someone, giving them hand gestures while talking to them. He then jumped up and asked me, “Who is Ashley?” and I just froze. © TomCalJack / Reddit

One type of story that gets to us is when kids start talking about their past lives. In this article, we’re diving into some eerie childhood memories that’ll have you questioning the mysteries of life.

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