14 Women Who Know Firsthand Makeup Is a Tricky Thing to Deal With

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6 months ago

You can always use makeup to cover up an unsightly pimple or to emphasize the beauty of your eyes. However, every woman knows that it’s not that simple. Sometimes makeup can become a reason of problems that are mentioned neither in ads nor in cosmetic shops. The heroines of our article showed that something can go wrong at any moment.

“Color theory at its finest I guess.”

“Makeup fail: I could not get my eyes to match.”

“The only lipstick I have ever owned that was my perfect natural shade. My cat knocked it down and my dog got it.”

“I just bought a new palette, and I’m confused by Love Stone. Is it supposed to look like this? I’ve never seen an eyeshadow look like this before.”

“This is why doing a red smoky eye is a bad idea.”

“I call this look excessive! Ordered these lashes and did not expect them to be so big!”

“I got married at a luxury resort, and this is the look the not-cheap makeup artist tried on the maid of honor.”

“Bronzer palette on the packaging vs reality”

“I paid a local makeup artist to do my makeup for a ball. I ended up taking it off and fixing it best I could.”

“The hair and makeup I dropped $100+ on for my engagement photos. Check out that forehead line. And lashes are coming off.”

“I bought a mini-palette, but it turned out really small. And I thought I had a mini-palette before.”

“I copy all of these tutorials of sexy women doing cat-eye. But when I do it to myself, it looks off.”

“This was the makeup job a professional makeup artist did on me (I was a bridesmaid). I can’t believe I paid for this.”

“My kiddos got into my makeup in the night. Any tips for salvage?”

And here’s an article that shows what “No Makeup” makeup actually means.


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