14 Women Who Said Goodbye to the Razor and Found Happiness in Their Body

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There’s still a stigma surrounding women, implying that they must shave their bodies, simply because it looks more feminine. However, some women don’t agree with that, and they decided to put an end to it. They started growing back their body hair, and now, they are proudly showing everyone their natural-looking bodies.

We at Bright Side believe that when it comes to our own bodies and how they look, we should care about how we feel, rather than what other people think.

1. “Despite what society will tell me, my armpit hair makes me feel so feminine.”

2. “My legs after a swim.”

3. “Haven’t shaved my pits in forever.”

4. Natural look is always a good idea.

5. “Hairy pit just peeking out.”

6. “Being natural is awesome!”

7. “I remember the last time I shaved and, oddly, how much I regretted it.”

8. “I can’t wait to show off my hairy body this summer!”

9. “It’s a beautiful day to embrace your natural body.”

10. “Just being a natural thing in nature.”

11. “Really starting to like the look of my hair peeking out of my clothes.”

12. “2 years of no shaving feels so free!”

13. “Soaking in the sun today in my backyard.”

14. “I feel so beautiful with my free armpit.”

Why do you think women decided to shave their bodies in the first place?

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I would feel totally gross if I did not shave. and that's my personal opinion it has nothing to do with the way I was raised!


If you lived in a world where no one shaved and you never saw it before, you probably wouldn't even know that you should feel gross about it.


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