15 Behind-the-Scenes Shots That Show How Our Favorite Movies Were Made

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In the process of making a movie, the VFX team always creates magic out of a blue or green screen. Once the team is in the editing chair, they select the color they want to remove, and the computer deletes that specific color from the image.

That is why there is one important rule to remember when using screens. When filming, all the characters can’t wear clothes or anything that matches the color of the screen, or it will be removed by the computer. Next, we’ll show you some examples of how our favorite movies use these screens, and we have a lovely bonus at the end.

1. Spider-Man: No Way Home, 2021

2. Ms. Marvel, 2022

3. Avengers: Endgame, 2019

4. Ghostbusters, 2016

5. Alice in Wonderland, 2010

6. Aquaman, 2018

7. The Jungle Book, 2016

8. Cast Away, 2000

9. Thor: Love and Thunder, 2022

10. Thor: Ragnarok, 2017

BONUS: Men In Black behind the scenes, 1997

Did you know movies were done this way? When you are watching a movie, which do you prefer, CGI special effects or practical effects?


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