15 Cool Tweets That Point Out Unusual Details in Movies

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Oftentimes, while watching a movie or a series, we let so many important details slip from our sight. Thankfully, there is always a stranger on the Internet with much better eyes who will happily point these details out for us to enjoy. These 15 people have much sharper eyes than us and shared some strange observations from different films.

  • In Home Alone, Kevin makes mac and cheese and sits down to eat it at 9 pm, knowing full well the burglars are arriving then. He even took the time to light candles and then leaves his meal uneaten. AdamUren / Twitter
  • Why don’t Marty McFly’s parents realize that their son looks just like that kid they briefly knew in high school? odd_biscuits / Twitter
  • Willy Wonka — The poor mom slaving away for years doing laundry for a living while caring for all of the bedridden grandparents only to find out that Grandpa Joe was perfectly capable to bound out of bed and head off with Charlie after he won the Golden Ticket. SonyaDuren / Twitter
  • In any movie that involves running away from something horrific: why do people waste their breath telling other people to run when they are already running? Ireneish12 / Twitter
  • Hello. I am a person using a phone in a movie. I don’t say goodbye before I hang up, the way literally every human being on Earth does. I just stop talking and put the phone down and the person on the other end somehow just knows I’m not there anymore. mattsinger / Twitter
  • Therapist: So...you fight penguins and clowns? Batman: Jesus Christ, for the tenth time, it’s THE penguin and one SPECIFIC clown. TheHyyyype / Twitter
  • Just found out the older British woman who’s been looking after my children is actually my EX-HUSBAND IN A COSTUME ???? boonecomedy / Twitter
  • If my parents told me they were adopting a brother and brought home an anthropomorphic rat named Stuart, I would lose it. 50FirstTates / Twitter


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