15 Dads Whose Coolness Level Breaks All Possible Records

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4 years ago

Dads are our knights, role models, and best friends. You don’t need any special occasion to remember everything they’ve done for you, hug them, and say “thank you” — no matter how close you are now.

Bright Side can’t help but share these cute and heart-warming stories with you that were told by internet users. They’re just amazing.

“My mom and I started arguing, so my dad brought me in the garage to escape from it... We did this for an hour.”

When you’re incredibly happy:

Tenderness hiding behind seriousness

“My son and my dad hadn’t seen each other in quite a while. They both couldn’t stop smiling.”

A Father-Daughter ballet recital

“My dad holding a 3-week-old baby goat”

“This note hanging from this taxi driver’s wheel!”

This is why they create social media accounts.

“My dad and my boyfriend have the biggest bromance going. They’ve even coordinated their Facebook profile pictures.”

The difference between parents

It’s always a pleasure to bathe with dad.

“I’d rather carry around these extra 100 lbs (on the right.)”

The way they “care” can be different.

“In kindergarten my son was told to draw something he wanted, and he drew this. The psychologist was really worried. Only at home, my son said he drew his favorite meatballs I always made.”

“My dad and I share the same name. After starting Microsoft, people used to ask him if he was the real Bill Gates. I always hope he says, ‘Yes.’ I hope he tells them that he’s all the things the other one aspires to be.”

Are your dads heroes for you? Share the most remarkable memories with us that you have connected with them.

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My dad helped me soo much at school when I was a kid. When I didn't understand a material, he would open my books, read them himself and explain me over and over unless I understood
this facebook account part is way too sweet, I instantly smiled so wide ?

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