15 Girls Who Shaved Their Heads and Became Even More Irresistible

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Nothing can help you feel refreshed faster than a new hairstyle. But the 15 gorgeous girls we chose for this article decided to take it even further and said goodbye to their long hair. They are now sporting stunning buzzcuts and admit they never felt more feminine and liberated.

We at Bright Side know it takes a lot of courage to shave your head, and we couldn’t take our eyes off these beautiful girls who decided to do it.

1. “Take an already beautiful person and make them hauntingly beautiful instead.”

2. “Never felt more beautiful and feminine than with a shaved head.”

3. “Feels so good to have a shaved head again.”

4. “Shaved my head for the New Year.”

5. “Shaved my head for the first time ever — it feels very liberating.”

6. “I shaved my head thinking the summer would be warm, but the weather patterns of the northeast had other plans.”

7. “Finally took the plunge and shaved my head!”

8. “Shaved my head for the first time today.”

9. “It’s so much easier to manage than my waist-length hair was.”

10. “I finally shaved my head and I’m so happy I did.”

11. “We do love a colorful buzz cut.”

12. “First time shaving my head, and I love it!”

13. “I feel like I crossed something off my bucket list!”

14. “Shaved my head today after having hair down to my lower back, I feel so free!”

15. “Shaved my head a couple weeks ago.”

Which of these girls impressed you the most? Have you ever thought of shaving your head?

Preview photo credit rzolab / Reddit, Whaleears / Reddit


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