15+ Girls Whose True Age Seems Unbelievable, Even to Those Close to Them

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2 years ago

Many of us want to look a couple of years younger. Cosmetics, filters on Instagram, and even clothes — all these things can hide your true age and confuse those who don’t know how old you are. But there are people who surprise everyone around them with the age on their ID because they look simply dashing.

We at Bright Side believe that people who bravely post their photos online prove that sometimes age is just a number on a passport.

“Just turned 40! Working on myself lately.”

“I’m 42 and still like to dress up.”

“Not bad for 46, huh?”

“I’m 52! Can I still pass as 40?”

“I’m 51 now.”

“Living my best life, 50 and fabulous!”

“I’m 38!”

“I’m 46 and am a fan of Star Wars.”

“I am 42 and still need some love in the form of compliments.”

“I’m 41 and have 2 kids.”

“I am 50 years old.”

“I’m 44, and I have 5 kids.”

“A messy look for a 37-year-old mom who’s home all day with a 4-year-old”

“I turned 36 this week.”

“I’m 36. How old do I look?”

“Would you guess my age? I’m 42.”

“I’m 47. Is it too old for braids and overalls?”

Please show your photos where it’s hard to guess your true age. We will try our best to do it.

Preview photo credit Crystal_Sunshine_ / Reddit


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