15 Gratifying Stories That Prove There Are Good People Out There

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Studies have shown that helping others can actually improve our own well-being. When we engage in acts of kindness and altruism, our brains release feel-good chemicals that not only make us feel happier but also help reduce stress and promote overall physical and mental health. So helping others is always a win-win for both us and the people we help.

1. “A stranger from the net has built me a new finger after insurance turned me down for one.”

2. “My boss is a gem and leaves snacks and drinks for delivery drivers.”

3. “My son is on the ASD spectrum. He’s very verbal and helpful to people.”

“Recently, he received an award for helping his other autistic friends communicate their needs.”

4. “My wife donating stem cells to save a child’s life”

5. “An elderly man had a heart attack while shoveling his driveway. Paramedics took him to the hospital, then returned to finish shoveling his driveway.”

6. “I gave this homeless man, Paul, my Kindle after learning that he’d been reading the same book over and over. He hasn’t put it down for days.”

7. “My 84-year-old grandmother apologized for having to wear her nightgown in front of us. So, I dressed like her too.”

8. “This woman comes to my local humane society, sits in front of the dogs’ cages, and reads them books.”

9. “A very kind stranger from the net helped me provide my kids with the best Christmas they’ve ever had!”

10. “The local restaurant hires a deaf server. What a great way to accommodate those with disabilities.”

11. “Bought a used car from an older gentleman and found this after I got home.”

Wanted you to start with a full tank of gas!

12. “My daughter’s letter to her teacher.”

Dear Mrs.

You have been a great art teacher, I was like a blank piece of paper then you came along and gave me color. Thank you.

Your friend

13. “Someone has been leaving these all around work.”

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14. “Dude offering to just listen to anyone who wants to talk on a road by my parents’ house.”

15. “At our local shelter, a kitty’s ears were cut off before she was rescued, so her foster mom made some for her.”

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I'm not crying, you're crying 😢 😭 🤧. These are some of the most heartfelt, caring, and selfless acts of kindness that I've seen in a while. Some people are just really angels in disguise here to help others while asking for nothing in return. If you have one of these people in your life, take care of them and protect their hearts so they're not taken advantage of.


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