People Found 15+ Intriguing Objects With Unexpected Meanings

8 months ago

Discovering new things in the modern world might seem difficult, but it’s not impossible. There are plenty of strange items around us, and figuring out their purpose can be tricky. In such cases, you can turn to internet users who can help by identifying and explaining what these things are when you show them a picture.

1. “Just bought a house, found this hidden inside the front bushes. What’s it?”

Answer: “After a search, it looks like there is/was a trend of making DIY allium flowers out of recycled metal and other scrap.”

2. “Found in a bank. You must hold the switch to keep it turned on. When it’s on, it vibrates slightly and slowly gets warm.”

Answer: “It is an old CRT degausser. Was used to demagnetize the metal screen in the front of old TV sets.”

3. “Found this hard plastic item in a kitchen drawer. Pictured next to a keychain for scale.”

Answer: “It’s a wine stopper. It’s made by Rabbit and has a pourer as part of a set.”

4. “I don’t care what it looks like, just tell me what it’s for.”

Answer: “It is a pen clip/holder.”

5. “Wood, about half a pound and has a very slightly tacky residue on the back.”

Answer: “It’s a jig used for weaving.”

6. “Some kind of metal cap on the ground outside a NYC apartment building.”

Answer: “Fresh air intake for the furnace.”

7. “Double handle wood and metal post tool, what is it?”

Answer: “Looks like a ‘pole head’ from a horse-drawn carriage/wagon/farm implement. The pole extends from the center of the carriage, and each horse’s harness is attached to the head.”

8. “What is this series of metallic half spheres which decrease in size attached as all one piece to a telephone pole?”

Answer: “I think it’s a lawn decoration meant to deter birds, like these.”

9. “Small (5.5cm) metal curved object with a hole on one end.”

Answer: “I’m going to say a gate/door latch that got bent and discarded.”

10. “What is this wooden kitchen utensil?”

Answer: “Molinillo (for stirring hot chocolate).”

11. “What is this clip tool attached to a wristband?”

Answer: “I can’t say for certain, but I feel it’s for someone playing an instrument in a marching band to hold their sheet music.”

12. “Small plastic containers, numbered, with a yellow liquid. Found at a relative’s place, it’s not theirs.”

Answer: “Looks like eye drops, medication.”

13. “I found this hanging from the basement rafters of my 100-year-old house.”

Answer: “It’s a razor blade sharpener.”

14. “A mysterious circular brush included with some cooking utensils.”

Answer: “It’s a corn desilker. Removes the silk from the cob.”

15. “This wooden object was found in a company parking lot.”

Answer: “This is a ‘knuckle roller’ a fairly popular fidget toy in the EDC world.”

16. “Mom bought a neck massager. I have my doubts. Please guide me out of my mistake.”

Answer: “It is indeed a neck massager. It’s just very unfortunately designed. The balls vibrate and you can just rub it against your neck.”

17. “I found it in the woods... Any ideas?”

Answer: “That’s a plastic flask that was filled with a sweet vanilla cocktail.”

According to scientific findings, the cumulative weight of all human-made objects on Earth has recently surpassed a significant threshold, reaching an astonishing 1.1 trillion metric tons—nearly matching the combined mass of all living organisms on our planet. So it’s not surprising that people find a lot of mysterious objects every day.

Preview photo credit Crazytree101 / Reddit


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