15 Kids Who Keep Their Parents on Their Toes Every Day

Being a parent naturally comes with its unique challenges, but one of the rare benefits is the number of laughs one can get from children. Whatever mischief they get in to is bound to either make you double over in laughter or hold your head in your hands. Either way, not a moment goes by in a house full of children that is boring or uneventful.

1. “My son playing hide and seek at my parents’ house”

2. “Kid can’t find the soap that was dispensed.”

3. “My son is learning how to spell.”

4. “I brought my kid ice fishing. He was not impressed.”

5. “My son wearing a cat mask with his hair on top”

6. “How my kid eats cucumber slices”

7. “My favorite Christmas photo we took this year — it’s my children in their natural state.”

8. “My kid making sure Santa knows what’s up”

9. “My kid took the batteries out of the remote then asked me to change the channel.”

10. “My kid torturing our robot mop is how the robot revolution starts.”

11. “My kid left a note for me in the fridge.”

12. “I guess my kid is mad at me.”

13. “My sister asked her 10-year-old to hang his jacket.”

14. “At least this one tried to eat fruit.”

15. “My kid marked all of my one-dollar bills to see if the tooth fairy is fake.”

What is the funniest thing your child has done that made you laugh really hard? Please share it with us!

Preview photo credit okjasonyoung / Reddit


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