15 Masterpieces Made by Nature That We Have to Pinch Ourselves to Believe Are True

2 years ago

Living on Earth can be an amazing experience. Today we may have a circular rainbow, and tomorrow stones can look like food. Sometimes nature throws us surprises, so you never know what to expect. Some people are even lucky enough to grab a camera and capture the moment, and thanks to them, we can witness the beauty of Mother Nature.

Bright Side picked out 15 photos that were taken in the right place at just the right time.

1. “This is how a cow’s mouth looks inside.”

2. “This big orange mushroom I found today”

3. “These perfect raindrops that formed on my strawberry plant”

4. “This is what some bees made in one week after a beekeeper forgot to put a frame in the box.”

5. “Blue fungus that turned the whole interior of this stick blue”

6. “This tree looks like a dragon.”

7. “This rock looks like a decapitated dragon’s head.”

8. “This concrete post at our playground looks like the moon.”

9. “A leaf I found on my car”

10. “The size of this carrot”

11. “Looks like a love sign!”

12. “The sun and the window decided to show us a real example of the dispersion of white light during the lecture.”

13. “A DNA-shaped cloud formation I saw the other day”

14. “A berry big strawberry”

15. “A full rain ... circle”

Have you ever seen something extraordinary? Do you take pictures if you see anything unusual?

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Preview photo credit viktor93 / Reddit


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that one huge carrot is enough for enough for the whole soup wow


this fungus would be cool to use in some jewelry with epoxy resin


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