15 People Proved That Love Can Be Expressed in Many Ways

2 years ago

Feeling love or even showing it to others may result in a huge shift in our lives, as this exchange of pure and genuine emotion is directly connected to happiness. And while it’s valuable to use words to express the feelings we hold deep in our hearts, it’s important to know that there are plenty of other ways to show affection to those dear to us.

At Bright Side, we decided to bring together 15 moments of devotion and creativity in expressing love that are guaranteed to light up your face with joy.

1. “My girlfriend decided to style my hair...leg hair.”

2. “My friend’s granddad made a little wooden shelf so his cat could sit by the range.”

3. “Got my cat a few weeks before finding out I was pregnant, he was snuggly the whole pregnancy and absolutely loves my daughter.”

4. “My 12-year-old sister made this cake for my birthday, dedicated to all my favorite Pokémon.”

5. “The worst year of my life, dealing with depression... This has absolutely made my day!”

6. “My wife likes fruit in bed every night. Here are some of my recent designs for her.”

7. “It’s my son Koji’s fourth birthday today! I baked him a cake.”

8. “My grandma has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember me. Yet when I sat next to her tonight, she grabbed my hand and didn’t let go.”

9. “My ex and I decided the kids would have one Christmas, not 2.”

“Here’s us — him and his fiancé, me and my husband, and our 2 girls all together.”

10. “My husband replaced my entire childhood collection of Polly Pockets.”

“I moved a lot when I was younger and didn’t always get to bring all my things with me.”

11. “My wife, knowing I love sandwiches and don’t like the typical romantic stuff on Valentine’s Day, made me a bouquet of meat roses.”

12. “My daughter brought this home from her first day of third grade. I’m melting.”

13. “I have wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer for about 11 years now. I woke up to one from my husband for Mother’s Day! He made me cry.”

14. “A wavelength of my mom saying ’I love you’ and some of her handwriting. She passed away 2 months ago.”

15. “I just donated my kidney to my boyfriend, first photo together since surgery!”

Have you ever displayed affection to your loved ones in an unconventional way that left them in awe? We’d love you to share your stories with us in the comments.

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