15 People Who Could Get a Special Award for Their Witty Solutions

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According to a recent study, researchers state that only a 20-minute improv session can already benefit our mind and nervous system. In the same study, it was also shown that these improvisation games can improve brain connectivity of adolescents who suffer from Complex Developmental Trauma. Basically exercising our improvisation skills can benefit all of us, it can make us feel less anxious, more in the moment, and more connected to others.

Here at Bright Side, we’re all inspired by creativity. That’s why we have gathered a list of 15 points, where amazing solutions took over modern day problems.

1. “These sample displays let you see what the nail polish looks like on your finger.”

2. This guy at coffee shop is showing off his solution to the $999 Apple stand.

3. She should be nominated for teacher of the year for her improvised whiteboard.

4. Some creative person added a foot to this stone paved area at a hidden picnic spot in the mountains.

5. “Mailboxes in my area get knocked down by cars and baseball bats. Here’s the best solution I’ve seen so far.”

6. “I keep losing wedding rings while playing sports, so I found a solution.”

7. It’s a napkin dispenser hanging from the wall.

8. They woke up that morning and chose to be creative.

9. “My grandmother’s solution to Halloween this year. She doesn’t even have to come outside.”

10. Modern problems require modern solutions.

11. “I built a solar-powered paddle wheel for my canoe.”

12. Someone thought of a creative and fun way to “fix” the dent in the side of this truck.

13. “Almost finished the assignment. Can I get an A for effort?”

14.Sunny outside? Not a problem for her brilliant solution.

15. “Thought this was a very clever way to make a caution sign. It’s still highly visible and does its job, but with some fun.”

Which one of these solutions do you think is the most brilliant, and why? Have you ever come up with anything similar?

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