15 People Who Managed to Surprise Us When We Thought It Was Nearly Impossible

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Whether it manifests through pure creativity or just plain oddity, letting yourself indulge in things you enjoy and not taking yourself seriously is good for your health and confidence. Aside from other fantastic stuff they inspire, being lowkey or extra is always enough to make your and anyone else’s day.

1. “Here are the final pics of my pool mural.”

2. “Our neighbors invited us to a party and told us they’d provide snacks. They didn’t disappoint.”

3. “Here is an origami dwarf I folded.”

4. “Desaturated Santa is still the best costume I’ve ever done.”

5. “I turned my regular boring Christmas tree into a Whoville tree.”

6. “It’s the king of ’not my job’.”

7. “He lost his hands to meningitis, so we built him Black Panther bionic arms.”

8. “This was how the Grinch stole slushies.”

9. “I wrapped our white elephant gifts in the shape of a toilet and a giant plunger.”

10. “A stranger saw that insurance turned me down for a finger prosthetic and took it upon themselves to 3D-print me one for free.”

11. “I wore a crab costume to college for the whole day.”

12. “I took all the precautions to deep-fry the turkey this year.”

13. “Someone mailed a potato.”

14. “It is going to be our first Christmas with our cat, Mr. Gray. I’m not leaving it up to chance.”

15. I made a life-size Stranger Things Demogorgon out of gingerbread.

Was there a moment when you tried letting loose and thinking outside the box? How was it?

Preview photo credit LeftClique / Reddit


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The charcuterie boards look spectacular! The host was very creative and thoughtful when planning them. I love all of the variety of foods available to guests with these types of offerings. They've also created a great tablescape to feature the assortment. Mmm, mouthwatering.


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