15 People Who Wanted to Do a Good Job but Failed

4 years ago

We all want to be good at something. Of course, it’s great when we create something by ourselves but when we do, we need to take some very important things into account. Sometimes, we’re so eager to create something that we forget about the process itself and the result can be pretty bad.

We at Bright Side totally support people who take on new crafts even if the results are not always good. The people in today’s compilation are the ones who wanted to do something useful and creative but didn’t really think it all the way through.

1. A flat floor at a hotel

2. Who had this wonderful idea?

3. Something is definitely wrong here...

4. “The first and last time I ever cut my daughter’s hair...”

5. “I tried to make those lemon blueberry domes.”

6. “So I tried making a froggy chair for my frog but when I put it in the oven its legs gave in and it burnt. So now it’s an abstract froggy chair.”

7. “I washed my favorite sweater.”

8. Did someone want a bigger door?

9. “I didn’t have a bow or clear bands. Well, it could be worse, I guess.”

10. Here’s a door for a spider-cat.

11. “Read a tip online that you could kill bacteria by microwaving your toothbrush head for 10 seconds even with electric ones as there’s no metal in it. Well, that’s not true.”

12. Almost exactly like the reference picture...

13. “Almost done, just a little more work to do!”

14. When you wanted to grow cool hair but you forgot you had to water it regularly:

15. $5,000 in Canadian money after someone decided to “disinfect it” in the microwave

Have you ever done anything like this? Share the results in the comment section below!


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the first one is designed that way so people dont run up and down the hall way, 10 secs in a microwave isn't long enough to damage anything and that jumper would have to have been boiled in the depths of hell to shrink like that


I had to stare at number 3 for a while... so terribly done!


The "cooking at home" photos are the best! I love seeing those epic fails haha


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