15 Photos of One-of-a-kind Surprises That Life Has in Store for Us

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Life is certainly full of unexpected surprises. And whether they turn out good or bad, all we can do is go along with them and make the most out of each situation with positivity and a dash of humor. After all, we only get to fully appreciate life if we don’t take it too seriously.

These wholesome photos Bright Side has compiled will prove just how colorful life truly is with all its wonderful twists and turns.

1. “Dad took me to a racetrack 7 years ago. Met Paul Walker, he stuck his finger up my nose.”

2. “3 eggs. 3 double yolks. Feeling lucky.”

3. “I found two 1,000 yen notes in a second hand bag.”

4. “My husband picked me up at the airport at 1AM with a suit, roses, and a big smile.”

5. “My uncle, who works on an Arctic research vessel, got an unexpected visitor today.”

6. “My dad bumped into his doppelgänger at the airport in Newark.”

7. “My cousin (on the left) was in his future wife’s family picture while on a trip to Rio de Janeiro. This was taken 7 years before they met.”

8. “My mom opened a can of mushroom soup that turned out to be tomato.”

9. “My ring and my fiancée’s ring. We wanted rings that compliment each other and proposed at the same time by pure chance.”

10. “I was taking a picture of the double rainbow and was lucky enough to catch lightning at the same time!”

11. “I went to Krasno, a small village in Croatia, the hometown of my grandmother, and our waitress turned out to be a long lost relative.”

12. “My sister and her new husband fell off a swing while taking their wedding photos. It turned out to be my favorite part.”

13. “My sister bought a normal box of S’mores cereal that turned out to be 99% marshmallows.”

14. “After miscarrying my first pregnancy last month, my fiancé and I found out we’re expecting yesterday!”

15. “With my mom’s new dog, we now have all three forms of heterochromia in my house.”

Now it’s your turn. What curveball did life throw at you recently, and how did you deal with it? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit LukeP**e / Reddit


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