15+ Pics of Cozy Cuddles That Can Help Us Survive This Autumn

3 years ago

If you’re feeling down or stressed, you may want to try asking the person sitting next to you for a hug. That’s because a warm embrace has been proven to have many health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and keeping a person calm.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve made it our mission to bring you a daily dose of good cheer. So scroll down and allow all the warmth to envelop you.

1. The cutest little photobomber!

2. “I’ll never let you go!”

3. “I’ll keep you safe from all harm!”

4. Because cuddles from your sibling are the best!

5. “Our everyday mood: sleep and chill”

6. A Sunday sibling snooze

7. “You’re my family.”

8. The ideal dog-cat relationship

9. A mirror-image embrace

10. “Sweet dreams, sleepy kitty.”

11. “Excuse me! I want to snuggle with Dad too.”

12. Does your pet like to snuggle in your elbow crease?

13. “I lost my dog, my fiancée, and my bed space!”

14. The fluffiest cuddle huddle ever!

15. “I could stay like this for days.”

16. That yin and yang resemblance

Whether it’s a person or a pet — do you have a favorite cuddle buddy? What helps you get through a dull or difficult day?

Preview photo credit AstridDragon / Reddit


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Too cuttee arrest them. 😊. Wish I had a pet like this it is so cold here


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