15 Pics That Are Loaded With Kindness

2 years ago

In the whirlpool of our everyday lives, sometimes we get so caught up with things that it’s hard to notice how much kindness and affection is around us. But if you start to look closer, you’ll find it everywhere: like in a vet soothing his patient with a song, a stranger helping a stray animal, or the purest friendship between 2 entirely different species.

Bright Side gathered 15 pics showing that love and kindness still spin the world forward so we can uplift your spirits and cozy up your hearts.

1. “I proposed to my girlfriend yesterday and a stranger came by, congratulated us, and offered to take a picture with their drone.”

2. These orphaned kangaroos were rescued after bushfires in Australia and found a loving home in a wildlife rehabilitator.

3. “The hubby was supposed to deploy yesterday, but due to the monsoon, he’s home an extra day. She’s so happy.”

4. “My daughter reading a story to our kitten”

5. “Here’s my autistic brother playing with some cats that wandered onto our deck.”

6. A vet singing to a cat to soothe him after surgery

7. “I don’t know why, but my cat really loves these puppies.”

8. “Freya has always been overflowing with love, so she decided to make friends with some baby squirrels.”

9. “A stranger left a bunch of flowers for another stranger to find on their walk!”

10. “Cleaned up my street because someone has to do it.”

11. “Getting my son a kitten was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

12. “This parking attendant at a hospital I go to for work brings food to feed this mama duck and her baby.”

13. “An older man patching up a pigeon’s foot in Zagreb City Center”

14. “For our wedding, my sister gave us a date night wallet filled with gift cards for local dates!”

15. “I posted on Reddit about making my son a manta ray because I couldn’t afford to buy one. Look what these strangers did for my baby.”

Which photo made you go, “Aww!” the most? And what acts of kindness have you seen or done? Share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit JustSambino / reddit


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