15+ Pics That Show What It’s Like to Start Your Day on the Wrong Foot

2 years ago

If you’re having a bad day, maybe it’s because you haven’t seen the situations these people have been through yet. How would you feel if your wedding ring broke, if you were left with the refrigerator door in your hand, or if a bucket of paint fell on your head? Some of Reddit’s users have experienced these little everyday failures firsthand and told us about them in a funny way. Because when something goes wrong, it’s better to laugh than to cry!

And that’s why Bright Side made a compilation of pictures proving that your day could really be worse, but even then, it’s better to just laugh it out!

1. “Dropped my wedding ring this morning”

2. “I got a splinter on my finger from scratching my beard.”

3. “Gas station toilet paper about the width of an iPod shuffle.”

4. “My mom is a beekeeper, and she accidentally spilled 10 kgs of honey to the floor.”

5. “Great start to a Monday...”

6. “Got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, and when I opened the fridge the door fell off in my hand.”

7. “Less than 2 days after moving in, one of my roommates scratched my new, nonstick pan with metal utensils.”

8. “My bathroom cabinet gave up on life at 5 AM this morning and nearly gave me a heart attack.”

9. “Over 2 months of laundry has generated 32 unmatched socks.”

10. “Our dog peed down the entire hallway today.”

11. “New guy tried to empty the fryer grease into a plastic bucket.”

12. “Bought my first home from an estate sale... previous owners stole the toilet after the final walkthrough.”

13. “I picked the ladder up forgetting the paint was on top”

14. “My wife worked for an hour on this peach crisp and burst into tears right before my parents showed up to our house.”

15. “I just wanted some cheese...”

16. “Put them in the oven on purpose to hide them from kids. Forgot about them.”

Surely no one would want to be in these people’s shoes. Have you experienced similar situations? We would like to see your pictures in the comment section!


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