15 Pics That Will Make You Go “Oh, My Heart!”

2 years ago

From time to time we all need a reminder that there is a lot of joy in this world. Interestingly enough, it’s been proven that looking at heart-warming pictures is an excellent way to improve your mood. Yes, a photo of a cute puppy dressed like a pirate can actually make your day better.

We at Bright Side could not help smiling while looking at these adorable pictures, and we hope that you will have the same reaction.

1. “My wife swears she did not pose him. Our little model.”

2. “Camouflage.”

3. “I adopted a one-eyed dog, everyone said he should be a pirate for Halloween.”

4. “Couldn’t resist dressing up our 2-year-old triplets as hobbits for Halloween.”

5. “2 dogs forming a heart with their snuggles.”

6. “Went to visit my girlfriend’s family, noticed their dog sitting like this.”

7. “I started feeding a street cat last year, the news is traveling fast in the neighborhood...”

8. “Baby with her best friend.”

9. “When you leave the yogurt unattended”

10. “My grandpa got recognised on here by a worker in his small town! He didn’t know about the post and is so tickled that he’s ’internet famous’.”

11. “2 months in and kitten has decided that big dog’s not so bad.”

12. “The shelter made a rule that these siblings had to be adopted together because they were inseparable.”

“They sleep like this every night.”

13. “Look at my bunny monching his basil very proudly.”

14. “My Grandpa holding me (1990) and my son 29 years later (2019)”

15. “Anyone with a cat, please explain how you say no to this face.”

Which photo brought you the most joy? Please share your most heart-warming pictures with us!

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Preview photo credit DeusDeceptor13 / reddit


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check who was sleeping like that hhhhh last time .. i wish it is not u


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