15 Pictures That Show How Life Is an Endless Comedy Show

2 years ago

There is a smart quote that says, “Life is like homemade ice cream: sweet and seasonal. Enjoy it before it melts.” That applies to everyday moments that occur in our lives, including the funny ones that pass incredibly fast. So maybe instead of brushing them off, we should start appreciating them more and not concentrate on the bad things so much.

Bright Side is doing daily research to find things that can make you happy or give you good luck, and here are today’s findings.

1. “My brother works outdoors and wears the same hat every day.”

2. “Take my picture already!”

3. “MOOOOM, this log is in the way.”

4. “The creation of daughter...”

5. “My fiancé framed this accidental photo of me.”

6. “My friends are memomagnetists. I’m pretty sure it’s not contagious.”

7. “This tree I discovered on our property today”

8. “Residents called the wildlife service because they saw a ’lion.’”

9. “Workers at the Prague airport having fun”

10. “The way my rabbit looks when he relaxes”

11. “My mom doesn’t have a ladder long enough.”

12. “Bought a new monitor, unsure how to proceed.”

13. “My brother punched a hole in the wall, so my mom framed it.”

14. “Ordered 8 extra-large shirts; received eight 8 XL shirts.”

15. "My husband’s version of “The kitchen is clean!’”

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen this week? We would love to hear about it or see a picture if you have it.

Preview photo credit LivingInColor8 / reddit


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