15+ Things People Saw While Traveling That Got Stuck in Their Memory Forever

2 years ago

There are people in the world who have an extra-special memory. They can remember an abnormally large number of their life experiences, all in vivid detail, and they do it without any extra effort. Though the heroes of our compilation are unlikely to have this special superpower, they still will have very colorful memories about their traveling experiences. The things they saw in different countries could even impress someone who thinks they’ve seen everything.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t help but share the mind-boggling discoveries that people made during their visits to other countries. We’d love for you to take a short virtual trip and take a look at these findings together with us.

1. “Found this giant banana in Thailand. Normal banana for scale.”

2. “Found this guy in a kimono while on vacation in Japan.”

3. “Turns out in Thailand you can buy Cola in bags.”

4. “I went to a wolf sanctuary this weekend. This is how they introduce themselves and decide if they like you.”

5. “Moved into a small house in Thailand a week ago, found this little guy sneaking around my kitchen.”

6. “Snack serving robot in China was upset with me because I didn’t take any snacks.”

7. “Went to a trade show in Germany — they were 3D scanning people and printing mini statues in detail. The possibilities...”

8. “A friend of mine went to Africa. This was the best pic of the lot.”

9. “Stayed at a hotel in Thailand, this is how they served honey for breakfast.”

10. “My friend went to Machu Pichu and came back with this.”

11. “My friend went to the Galapagos and posted this bad boy, just lounging around.”

12. “Went fishing and looked over to see a rock staring at me.”

13. “Spotted the coolest car I’ve ever seen today in Tokyo.”

14.“It was so much fun trying to find painted lids in Japan, here’s a few from my trip.”

15. “I went on vacation to British Columbia and found this in my closet.”

16. “This is how you soft serve. More than a foot of strawberry/vanilla swirl seen in Myeong-Dong, Seoul, South Korea.”

17. “Glowing minerals in a cave in China.”

What is the thing in your country or city that you think would impress a person who would be visiting for the first time? What is a sight that you’ve seen or read about that you won’t be able to forget?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

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