15 Times Animals Wanted to Amaze Us and They Actually Succeeded

3 years ago

There are 3 things that you can watch forever: fire burning, water flowing, and animals doing... anything! Have a look at a crazy cat inside a box or a sad dog sitting on a couch: their facial expressions will definitely make you laugh. That’s why we love them!

Bright Side has collected photos of animals that can amaze us even without doing anything.

When you realize it’s Monday morning:

When you can’t help being cute:

When someone calls you a princess:

“I don’t care about my weight!”

When your hoomans come home too early:

That one friend who always ruins serious photos

When you need no words to show your attitude:

Just comfy

Being fluffy and cute won’t always help.

Who broke the cat?

When someone says you spend too much time with books:

They know how to disarm people.

Sometimes life is unfair.

So he realized it was a trap.

What could be better than a warm bed?

Bonus: Kittens are able to astonish us even while they’re in mom’s belly.

Do you have any amazing pictures of your pets to share with us?

Preview photo credit unknown user/ imgur


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