15 Times Royal Figures Masterfully Restyled Their Old Outfits

3 years ago

What girl didn’t want to be a princess as a child and be able to change outfits 5 times a day? That being said, women from royal families are actually mindful consumers and may use the same dresses several times. Sometimes, they do it so well that their old clothes look as if they’re completely new.

We at Bright Side think that if queens and princesses restyle their clothes to use them more than once, we should definitely learn from their tricks.

1. Lady Diana restyled her clothes often. She first wore this dress in 1987. 2 years later, she appeared in the same outfit but without the sleeves.

2. In February 1987, the Princess went to Portugal wearing a dress with a big skirt and a black jacket on top.

And in May, Diana walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in the same outfit but with a white jacket.

3. Sometimes, Diana conducted unusual experiments. In 1985, she added a velvet choker to her outfit.

And the following year, she turned the choker into a headband.

4. Diana’s sister-in-law, Princess Anne, was able to keep her clothes in perfect condition. This is her in a beige coat and blouse in 1983.

In 2015, she was wearing the same clothes with a different hat and brooch.

5. Grace Kelly’s daughter, the Princess of Monaco, Caroline, wore a dress with quite a bit of cleavage in 2000.

17 years later, her daughter Charlotte wore the same dress. She replaced the brooch in the middle with a bow and had other accessories on as well.

6. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark wore this blue dress in 2010.

1 year later, it was almost impossible to recognize the dress: she restyled the top half of the dress almost completely!

7. Queen Letizia of Spain wore a jacket on top of her dress to look more serious.

A month later, she wore the same dress but without the jacket. The look was less serious and more feminine.

8. In 2018, the Queen of Spain wore a simple gray dress with a black belt and other accessories.

A year later, Letizia restyled her look with a different belt and bright-colored shoes.

9. Fashion is cyclic which has been proven to be true by the Swedish royal family. Queen Silvia wore a yellow suit when visiting Moscow in 1978.

And in 2017, her daughter Victoria wore the same dress without a hat but with bright accessories.

10. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands wore a dark blue dress for an event in 2014.

In 2016, she took a bold risk and restyled the upper part of the outfit.

11. The first time Elizabeth II wore this pink coat was in 2015.

2 years later, she wore the same coat with different accessories.

12. Kate Middleton wore this green dress in 2012.

And 1 year later, she wore the dress as a coat.

13. The Duchess is also okay with trading clothes with her mother. Carole Middleton wore this blue dress in 2010.

Kate wore it 2 years later and it looked very different on her.

14. Sometimes Kate, like Diana, restyles her clothes. In 2017, she wore an Alexander McQueen dress with open shoulders.

And 2 years later, the dress had sleeves which made it more conservative.

15. Kate visited Malaysia wearing this dress in 2012. She wore the same dress for the 2020 BAFTA event in February with different shoulders and sleeves.

Do you wear old things often? Can you restyle them and give them a second life?


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