15 Unexpected Things That Seem to Happen Just to Brighten Our Day

year ago

Staying positive is more important than we think — studies say there’s a strong link between positive thinking and health. And with all the cuteness surrounding us, it becomes really hard not to keep a smile on our faces.

We at Bright Side strive to provide you with a daily dose of happiness every day, and we hope to achieve our mission with these 15 pictures.

1. “How am I supposed to eat fruit that is looking at me like that?”

2. “My world changed today.”

3. “Grandma knit the boys matching sweaters.”

4. This man got the cutest present from his daughter.

5. A girl watching cartoons with her puppy

6. “My daughter enjoys tucking our kitten into the doll house bed.”

7. “This beach in Germany has a free public library.”

8. A ginger cat cuddling with a baby

9. “The inside of the lid of my cup of noodles looks like a cute cat.”

10. “My fiancé and I both got the same fortunes.”

11. “A hummingbird built her nest on the string lights above my table.”

12. “My daughter has a super power: cat candy!”

13. “My boy loves the hat my son got for him.”

14. “There’s this fully furnished bus stop just outside my town.”

15. “This squirrel chilling after eating all our bird seed.”

Is there something that always makes your day better?

Preview photo credit jyrrr / Reddit


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