15 Women Who Said Goodbye to Razors and Couldn’t Be Happier

6 months ago

The idea that women must shave their body hair to appear attractive, feminine, and refined has been widely accepted. However, in today’s society, more and more women are choosing to challenge gender stereotypes and celebrate their natural beauty. These women are proud of their decision and are actively inspiring others around the world to do the same.

1. Sofia doesn’t let a razor touch her skin.

2. “I can’t believe I used to wax every week”

3. “I was out shopping today when a guy noticed my legs and paid me a compliment. It made my day.”

4. “Society needs to accept that women have hair too.”

5. “Feelin’ myself.”

6. “You’ll find it easier to feel comfortable with your hair by making small actions little by little every day...it’s a journey.”

7. “I don’t think I own a razor.”

8. “We have razor-free legs and armpits, but what about razor-free faces and chests? Trying to embrace my hirsutism.”

9. “Feeling free.”

10. Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, has always embraced her body hair.

11. “Flowers and sunshine”

12. “Over one year razor-free!”

13. “My beautiful fluffy legs”

14. “Rocking hair or no hair is a mere choice”

15. “My newest addition to the family”

Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Miley Cyrus and Mayim Bialik also show us that there’s nothing shameful about having body hair — you can see it for yourself in this article.

Moreover, we found 5 positive things that will happen to your body if you stop shaving.


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