16 People Who Couldn’t Have Had a Worse Day at Work

2 years ago

Having a bad day at work is nothing rare, and it seems that almost 30% of employees have one of these at least once a week. But bad days don’t just happen when your mood is low and you feel like you don’t want to be there. They can also arise on days that start off great but get ruined after something unexpected happens. For example, you could be expecting lots of tips, only to receive pennies.

Bright Side wants to remind you that bad things happen to everyone every once in a while at work, so don’t feel like you’re the only one with bad luck.

1. “Had some trouble with the ketchup dispenser at work.”

2. “My zipper broke at work, right before a few important meetings.”

3. “This week I’m working a 12-hour shift. I was told not to pack a lunch because a free one would be provided. This is my free ’meal.’”

4. “I work at a kindergarten so I’m playing in the snow all day. Suddenly, I got very cold.”

5. “Who steals a cupholder from a seat?”

6. “That’s a 10 liter can of white oil based paint.”

7. “-41°C and no one to let me into work.”

8. “Meals (1 per person) we get at my job for shifts up to 12 hours”

9. “Dropped 10 pounds of beads on the floor today at work. Boss was not happy.”

10. “5 minutes before I leave work and my machines oil reserve overflows.”

11. “My work monitor is currently having a bad day.”

12. “There was an accident at work today.”

13. “I work part-time at a paint distributer, and my boss texts me this.”

14. Construction workers aren’t appreciated enough.

15. “My sister lost her AirPods at work and couldn’t find them for almost a month. This is where she found them.”

16. “It was my buddy’s first day on the job.”

What has been your worst day at work so far, and how did you handle whatever it was that happened?

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