16 Pets Who Try Being the Best Parents, but Sometimes They Fail Too

3 years ago

Some scientists believe that children don’t fully develop social and emotional intelligence until their teen years, and that’s why they stay endearing little menaces for everyone around them. The latter part is also true for animal babies, whose parents get put through the ringer too.

We at Bright Side gathered 16 instances when parents among our 4-legged friends couldn’t help it and showed a reaction that was a little-too-human during the hardships of parenting.

1. A parent’s patience is immeasurable.

2. The best position for a nap

3. “Why did I have kittens?”

4. The face of a first-time mom

5. She looks a little unhinged.

6. Someone is tired of momming all day.

7. “Her kittens had grown and still insisted on sharing her bed. It reminded me of what it was like trying to take a nap when my kids were little.”

8. “Mom, you’re embarrassing me.”

9. Jaded. So jaded.

10. “Why are your paws in the bowl. Why.”

11. “I have 5 kittens and no catnip. Why can’t I have 5 catnips and no kittens?”

12. A very unorthodox way to give a hug

13. “Having kids is easy, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.”

14. She’s not sleeping, she’s multitasking.

15. “When the baby won’t sit still, you sit on the baby.”

16. Does she hate him or is he her favorite?

Bonus: Congratulations, you’re a kitty mamma!

Did you recognize yourself in any of these poor parents? Share the stories and photos of your pets being ridiculous caregivers in the comments.


the dog at 4 reminds me of myself, I really have a hard time waking up in the mornings... I'm not a mom yet, I'm just terrible at waking up

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