17 Couples That Proved Love Has No Age

It is becoming more and more accepted that couples, even if they are of different ages, can be happy and form a family simply because they want to. The taboo of having partners with a larger age gap is coming to an end, so why not be happy with those we love and feel comfortable with?

At Bright Side, we love stories with happy endings, so we are sharing with you some couples who have chosen happiness and love over the opinion of others.

1. “I’m marrying this man! 34(F)&23(M)”

2. “23(F), 52 (M). I’m gonna marry him someday!”

3. “Older woman, younger man, blended family = true love”

4. “Him (50), his daughter, and me (28). We get gnarly as a family on the regular.”

5. “17 year gap. Recently engaged and loving every second of it.”

6. “27(F),41(M) — Over 240,000 tree seeds planted together”

7. “My boyfriend is 35 and I’m 22. We’ve been together for 3 years.”

“We now have a beautiful 2-month-old little boy. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

8. “The love 42(M) of my 24(F) life. Adopted a puppy, bought a house, and are trying for a baby.”

9. “We are having a baby girl!!!”

10. “First wedding anniversary and forever to go, 26(M)&41(F)”

11. “Guys, we’re getting married! 21(F), 55(M)”

12. “We’re married! 30(F) and 48(M)”

13. “How it was, next to how it is now”

14. “Celebrating my 47(F) husband’s 37th birthday at the beach!”

15. “Last year I proposed, this weekend we are getting married!”

16. “Married my 31(F) best friend 24(M)”

17. “Two year wedding anniversary 43(F), 25(M)”

How do you think the age difference can affect a relationship? Have you had a similar experience?

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