17 Nickelodeon and Disney Celebrities Who Grew Up Way Too Fast (They’re Parents Now)

3 years ago

We grew up with them and they made our childhood special. These are the actors and singers who were part of the most famous and unforgettable productions of Nickelodeon and Disney. Today, more and more of these adults that remain young in our memories are documenting their lives on social media and presenting part of their family and their children. Yes! Many of them are already parents, although in our hearts we’ll keep on calling them Zoe, Lizzie, or Sabrina.

Bright Side made a list of Nickelodeon and Disney stars who are now playing their best role offscreen, as parents.

1. Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch)

Nickelodeon’s ’90s star, Melissa Joan Hart, who had the lead role in Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch is the mother of 3 beautiful boys: Mason, Braydon, and Tucker.

2. Kenan Thompson (Kenan & Kel and Good Burger)

Kenan and Kel’s lead man is now the father of 2 girls, Georgia Marie and Gianna Michelle.

3. Kel Mitchell (Kenan & Kel and Good Burger)

Same goes for the actor that played Kel in the same series. He is now the father of 3 babies, 2 of which he had with his first wife: Allure and Lyric. Wisdom, the third baby, was born in his most recent relationship.

4. Tia Dashon Mowry (Twitches and Twitches Too)

One of the protagonists of the film Twitches is the mother of 2 children: Cree Taylor Hardrict and Cairo Hardrict.

5. Tamera Mowry (Twitches and Twitches Too)

Tia’s twin sister Tamera is also the mother of 2 children, Aden John Tanner Housley and
Ariah Talea Housley.

6. Tiffany Thornton (Sonny with a Chance)

The actress and singer is the mother of 3 children: Kenneth James Carney and Bentley Cash Carney, from her first marriage (her husband sadly passed away in an accident in 2015) and Juliet Joy Capaci, from her second marriage.

7. Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire)

Lizzie McGuire ’s star is now a mother of 2 children, Luca Cruz Comrie, from her first marriage, and a girl named Banks Violet Bair, from her new relationship.

8. Nick Cannon (The Nick Cannon Show and All That)

The actor and comedian is the father of 3 children: twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott, born from his relationship with singer Mariah Carey, and Golden “Sagon” Cannon, born from a previous engagement.

9. Nathan Kress (iCarly)

This Nickelodeon actor is now the father of a little girl named Rosie Carolyn Kress.

10. Daniella Monet (Victorious)

The famous actress is now the mother of baby Gio James Gardner, born in 2019.

11. Josh Peck (Drake & Josh)

Drake & Josh’s protagonist is now the father of Max Peck.

12. Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey 101)

The actress and singer who starred in Zoey 101 is the mother of 2 girls: Maddie Briann Aldridge, a product of a previous relationship, and Ivey Joan Watson, a child she conceived with her current husband.

13. Allen Evangelista (Zoey 101)

This actor is the father of Hudson and Harrison.

14. Kevin Jonas (Camp Rock)

This singer and actor is now a father of 2 beautiful girls: Alena Rose Jonas and Valentina Jonas.

15. Carlos Roberto PenaVega (Big Time Rush)

The singer, actor, and dancer is the father of 2 children, Ocean King PenaVega and Kingston James PenaVega.

16. David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place)

The actor, screenwriter, and producer is the father of a little girl named Pia Philomena Francesca.

17. Kaycee Stroh (High School Musical)

The actress, singer, and dancer is the mother of 2 girls: Lettie Louise and Zetta Lee Higginson.

Did you know that these Disney and Nickelodeon stars have become parents already? Which one surprised you the most? Share your impressions in the comment section!


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3 years ago
Shhh! The comment is asleep.
3 years ago
There's no point in hiding the truth, but we'll try.

Yeah but they're adults, so why not have a family now? Bright Side just made look like theyre kids when they're all like... 22 or 23 years old... Or older?


You know, all these people are adults so of course it's fine if they have kids. Probably just Jamie Lynn Spears who isn't as old but the others are adults and are totally allowed to have kids if they want. Unless they had kids when they were teens or in their early 20s or something then it's acceptable that they grew up too early. You should have told us when they had their kids. Some people don't know how old these people are... So... Dont make up a website with famous people who had kids when they were ADULTS. tell us the age then we'll decide. but love you're channel though???


Yes ? agree (tho it is pretty fun having a young mum or dad and early 20s is the best and healthiest age to have kids if you want them?). I think what the sight is saying cuz they're famous and it doesn't feel very long since seeing them young and acting on TV shows it's pretty hard to believe they're rents now and how old theyve already got?much less said for the young parents


I know Jamie Lynn spears and Daniella Monet and Hilary duff did already ??I knew Nathan and Kevin were married but had no idea they had kids??Kel Mitchell totally surprised me (I just saw him recently on game shakers?)


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