17 People Who Screwed Up a Photo, but the Result Turned Into a Masterpiece

3 years ago

Many people believe that the best photos are planned or prepared with: good lighting, the right angles, and careful timing. However, sometimes messing with photography rules might create an extraordinary photo that nobody expected: a photo of your husband with tiny legs, your cat looking like Kitten Kong, or even a floating tree.

We at Bright Side would like to share a fresh selection of screwed up photos, which actually turned out to be masterpieces.

1. “The second after my dad said, “I’ll bet $20 I can stay on the board for, like, a minute!”

2. “Run! Run!”

3. “This photo of my nephew and I: I’m concerned that he’s 8 and bald.”

4. “Check out this tree branch. I was so confused at first. I swear it wasn’t photoshopped.”

5. “That beard has 9 lives.”

6. “A photo of this bed frame I’m selling looks like a photoshopped image of a bed.”

7. “Sleeping on rocks”

8. “Needs a lot less kitty litter, but twice as much food.”

9. “I dropped my fish mid-picture. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it for the first time.”

10. “A picture of my cat from about a year ago. I still haven’t figured it out, please help.”

11. “My girlfriend opening a snack next to seagulls”

12. “Wood you marry me?”

13. “How do you manage to reach the pedals?”

14. “Kitten Kong 1971”

15. “The moment my kids realized that all the donuts had been eaten while they were off playing”

16. “I’m a breath of fresh air, inna fresh pair!”

17. “My friend and his tutu legs”

Do you have any photos that you thought were screwed up, but that turned out to be really cool? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit Honfar95/ Reddit


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I have been the man in the first picture.... Not even a minute for me though ahahaha


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