17 People Whose Happiness Could Outshine the Brightest Star

2 years ago

It can be a precious moment when your grandma genuinely smiles or when you meet your child for the first time. Such moments of joy and excitement deserve to be shouted from the rooftops because they simply feel too good to be true. And that is what these people in this uplifting compilation have done by sharing moments in their life of sheer joy and happiness online, to preserve them forever.

Bright Side would like to spread the positivity and cheer of these people because we believe happiness is infectious and the secret ingredient of life.

1. “For the first time in years, my grandma smiles in a photo with her new boyfriend. I have never seen her smile in any photos.”

2. “Bittersweet first holidays as a single mom, and family of 2! He makes me the happiest, even on the worst days!”

3. “My dad had a major stroke, causing paralysis on his right side. My sister sent me a picture this weekend of him and my mother dancing.”

4. “My aunts flew in from Colorado and California to surprise my grandmother for her eightieth birthday. She was very happy.”

5. “My 79-year-old grandma traveled over 2,000 miles to spend time with her great-grandson. Look at the pure joy on both their faces.”

6. “After 4 years of waiting, Liv finally got a baby sister. ’I love you, Millie’ was the first thing she said.”

7. “We dated 13 years ago, but ended up going our separate ways. Found each other again 3 years ago.”

“Turns out I proposed the same day her dad proposed to her mom.”

8. “Rarely does a picture capture my real smile (right), so I thought I would share.”

“I hadn’t been home in 3 years, and it felt so, so good seeing my brother and sister.”

9. “My mom and her friend, Fran, at Fran’s one-hundredth birthday party!”

10. “My girlfriend and I are in the same sorority, but we were worried we’d get backlash.”

“After 2 months of dating, we finally told our sorority sisters, and they were all SO supportive and happy for us.”

11. “Invited 2 strangers with nowhere to go over for Thanksgiving dinner. They repaid my grandma with a surprise gift today!”

12. “I’m dating a girl I’ve been secretly in love with for 2 years. Here’s us washing bugs off our legs at my grandma’s farm.”

13. “I’ve been feeling really down lately, so my sister took me out to lunch today and gave me a photo shoot!”

“Here’s to my new favorite portrait.”

14. “My sister and I are the first generation to graduate college!”

15. “My grandma may not have always known what year it was, but she LOVED her chocolate malts!”

16. “Today’s kids’ meal for grandma! Haven’t gone out with her for so long.”

17. “We struggled through 3 years of infertility. I get to take a picture of my wife with our new baby girl today. I’ve never felt this happy.”

Who in your life never fails to brighten your day up? Show them your love in the comments below!

Preview photo credit rachelamandamay / Reddit


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