15 Stark Pieces of Evidence That Prove Comparison Is King

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Sometimes, in order to understand more about something, you need to compare it to something else. This simple technique helps us learn more about the world. And also, the comparison of some things always looks very impressive in photos and here is some proof.

1. “My sister and I are polar opposites. Her home vs mine”

2. A giant squid washed up on a New Zealand beach.

3. “How people think gamer girls game vs How we actually game”

4. This huge wrench, that needs a forklift to be picked up, is used for working on an engine on a cargo ship.

5. 2 hours apart

6. “I’ve been training myself how to draw photo-realistically for a little while now. Here’s my best sampling from each year of progress.”

7. This skull of a mammoth that was recovered from a farmer’s backyard is absolutely gargantuan.

8. These tires make this truck’s wheels look minuscule.

9. The guy in the middle is 6’4″ and 267 lb.

10. “I adopted this girl in 2017 and this is the progress she’s made since then.”

11. “This absolute giant of a door in our hotel room”

12. This 6’9″ 330-lb riot officer in the Tulsa Police Department

13. This couple with Down syndrome who was told not to marry proved critics wrong 25 years later...

14. Are we forgetting elephant seals?

15. “These huge blueberries I found”

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit maddscientist / Reddit


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That giant police officer looks like a boss from some video game haha


in #3 is party true - gamer girls do look like this when they decide to stream and make some money. Not just by the way they play, but by the way they look


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