17 True-to-Life Illustrations Showing How Having Children Divides Life Into “Before” and “After”

3 years ago

Maria Zhivova is a mother of 2 children and a talented illustrator. In her comics, she shows her everyday life that any mother can relate to. The illustrations also prove the fact that life goes through serious changes after a child appears in one’s family.

At Bright Side, we admire Maria’s work, and we never miss an opportunity to mull over the changes that happen in a woman’s life after having a new baby.

“The city landscape in winter turns into a training area.”

“Sometimes, I just need a little bit of silence.”

“There are 2 options: feeding a child yourself to save your nerves, or letting a child eat the way they want but scrub the entire kitchen afterward.”

“In these moments, you begin to fight your inner grandmother who wants to dress children in warm clothes no matter what.”

“Motherhood is always about sports.”

“I love comfortable clothes. It’s logical to wear something that brings you comfort instead of trying to correspond to some elusive ideal.”

“I tell bedtime stories to my son now, but when I didn’t have children, I’d ask my husband to tell me about his day.”

“A perfect crime — all situations and characters are exaggerated.”

“The eternal standoff between order and chaos”

“I must admit that sometimes I want to escape.”

“It’s so difficult to brush your child’s teeth.”

“When people around annoy you with their wisdom and advice, remember that the most important thing is that you’re the best mother for your children!”

“You make plans and wait for the moment to bring them to life, but then all your plans crash against the reality of...runny noses.”

“A family photo shoot — what could be funnier?”

“After having my first child, my morning cup of coffee became a bucket of coffee.”

“My children are not those angels who wake up in a good mood.”

“Your child’s hat will never be good enough for some people.”

What changed in your life after having a new baby in the house? Tell us in the comments below.

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I can imagine it being really hard to take care of kids when you have to work form home, because the kids are there and you know you don't really have time to take care of them


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