18 ideal colour combinations for men

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9 months ago

It’s vitally important to know how to combine the right colours in your clothing — it helps to introduce both variety and individuality to your wardrobe. Nowadays, this is as true for men as it is for women, and getting it right can sometimes be just as complicated.

To help all the men out there seeking to achieve the perfect style (and perhaps those who love to help their man choose as well), we picked out 18 of the most stylish colour combinations which work for all occasions.

The perfect harmony of patterns and colours

The classic look: dark blue and brown

A contrasting light blue and mustard combination for the perfect professional look

An unusual but striking colour for outdoor wear

Brown combined with a rich wine colour

Another classic: grey, beige and light blue

Dark green and brown

A beige-coloured coat always looks impressive

Light grey mixed with red

Warm natural colours for autumn

Striped clothing gives a casual feel to your look

Bright blue and beige to help you stand out from the crowd

A deep red colour for a coat can be particularly striking

A light mustard tone goes perfectly with grey

A highly original combination

And a second one

A stylish combination of dark colours

Grey-blue with denim for the casual look


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