18 People Who Tried Harvesting Their Own Fruit and Vegetables But Failed Miserably

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According to statistics, about 35% of people grow their own fruit and vegetables right in their own gardens. It’s true that nothing compares to the satisfaction of cooking something you have produced with your own hands. And maybe if you have a good harvest, you won’t need to spend much money at the grocery store. But the reality sometimes isn’t that perfect and people don’t always have a success story to share.

1. “My corn (1) is doing great.”

2. “Would anyone like some lemon water?”

3. “I might make carrot cake with one of them, and juice with the other.”

4. “Very large harvest. Very small dog.”

5. “My kids had been so excited to grow watermelon, but less than enthused about our end of summer harvest.”

6. “Jumping on the tiny chili pepper bandwagon with the only Carolina Reaper I managed to grow this year.”

7. “Harvested some broccoli for a stir-fry.”

8. “Tonight we feast on potatoes.”

9. “Guess what I have for my salad.”

10. “Time to make strawberry jam for my neighbors.”

11. “My garlic.”

12. “I think I overestimated the harvest basket size I needed.”

13. “Took me hours to slice this baby up. Hopefully this should end global hunger.”

14. “My banana tree just gave me this.”

15. “Time to juice this Calamondin fruit.”

16. “My mom was very proud of her tomato harvest. It’s spaghetti night, boys!”

17. “My first medicinal mushroom. Cute as a button.”

18. “Everyone gets blueberry jam.”


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