18 Times a Dull Day Suddenly Took an Unexpected Turn

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If you go to the beach and can’t find your swimsuit, just look around — perhaps someone’s dog stole it. Such situations can be frustrating and funny at the same time, but they definitely make your day special and memorable.

We at Bright Side are open to unpredictable things, and we’re sharing 18 pics that perfectly display how an ordinary day can suddenly become remarkable.

1. “Well, someone is going to have a bad day.”

2. “Be careful when ordering your toilet paper.”

3. “I’ve been stuck at airports for 2 days. I thought I had it bad; then I came across this bear. I feel you, bro.”

4. Bad hair day?

5. “I can’t even use the restroom.”

6. At least this means it’s going to be a day off.

7. “Boneless donuts”

8. “You think you’re having a bad day?”

9. “Trash panda”

10. “Homemade sushi, reality vs expectations”

11. “Our day at the safari park”

12. “Dinner mint fortune telling — not the way I wanted my morning to start.”

13. “Guess who washed their hands with toothpaste this morning?”

14. “This toilet paper is torture.”

15. “Late to work due to an unscheduled parade...”

16. “This was left in the public restroom at my wife’s job.”

17. “I had a mini heart attack when I looked up and saw this. The trampoline developed a hole. She thought it was hilarious.”

18. “While golfing, this squirrel/chipmunk thing stole an entire banana out of my golf cart.”

What’s your mood like today? How’s your day going?


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