19 People Who Are Already All Set for Christmas

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Winter has just started, but Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, and even a Christmas menu have already appeared on the streets, in shopping malls, and in restaurants. The heroes of this article decided not to wait until the last minute and started their Christmas preparations early. Some of them made up some interesting presents for their family, while others decorated their houses and yards, and we’re all inspired by their example and feel that Christmas is right around the corner.

“My wife decorated for Christmas early this year.”

“My first Christmas after over a decade being homeless”

“My daughter’s boyfriend just showed me what his Christmas surprise for her is going to be.”

“I just wanted to share this ugly sweater I got for a Christmas party next month.”

“I turned my regular boring Christmas tree into a Whoville tree.”

“I have a huge family and need to save money this year, so I made everyone their Chinese zodiac animal for the year they were born.”

“It’s a bit early, but the Christmas decor is up!”

“Luna’s first experience with a Christmas tree, she is quite smitten.”

“My Home Alone-inspired Christmas decorations”

“Merry Christmas from Bitty!”

“I don’t have the biggest apartment, but I always make enough room for Christmas.”

“My cat has the best seat in the house.”

“My 12-year-old loves Christmas. She didn’t want to spend the money on countdown blocks, so she made her own.”

The cats get a new menu on Christmas.

“This 24-foot shark is my only Christmas decoration in my yard this year.”

“My daughter had surgery on her uterus, so I made this Christmas present for her. Yes, she has a warped sense of humor.”

“We let our son pick out a new tree topper this year.”

“The bookshelf village is up! Merry Christmas!”

“I am a full-time cake maker and thought you guys might be as excited as I am for my Christmas selection this year!”

Have you started preparing for Christmas? Are you going to make something special this year?

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The handmade Chinese zodiac animals are a fabulous Christmas gift.


I love the Chinese zodiac animals too. I wonder do they sell them cause I'd be interested in buying them.


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