19 People Who Didn’t Feel Like Lifting a Finger to Do Their Job

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Some people seek to stand out in the workplace thanks to their great achievements and efforts. Then, there’s another type of employee who seeks to do only what is strictly necessary to fulfill his or her duties. Often, the latter manage to stand out, but not precisely because of the effort they put into getting things done.

Bright Side compiled a few of the most ingenious solutions that workers who are not willing to go the extra mile found to get over with their tasks.

1. “Was worried I was gonna grab the shampoo.”

2. “We call this one, ’The Landlord Supremo’”

3. The instruction was to hang them, which was indeed done.

4. The point is that the wall is covered. Whether it fits in with the rest or not, that’s something else.

5. The job was to paint the road, not move the potatoes on the road.

6. This is also a way to “fix” a leak.

7. It’s not a dumb solution if it works.

8. Nothing will stop a professional grille installer.

9. It looked good... it’s not like the cabinets were designed to actually open and store stuff.

10. The person using the wheelchair in that building had better also have a taste for extreme sports.

11. “Installed that new sink, boss.”

12. Apparently, it was not worth connecting these two sidewalks.

13. “Not my job to move stuff.”

14. “Added the safety exit, boss.”

15. When the molding “expert” takes over the job.

16. And this is one of the many ways not to put up drywall.

17. “That looks like a great place to put the soap dispenser. I don’t think people use the mirror that much.”

18. Good, nice, and cheap tile repairs.

19. Welcome to your new workspace!

What has been the most creative way you have repaired something that needed to be fixed in your home?

Preview photo credit Goodfella66 / Reddit


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