19 People Who Found Their Soulmate in a Much Older Partner

2 years ago

Although we know that love is capable of overcoming any obstacle, many times there are still certain prejudices about couples with a considerable age difference. The truth is that these couples often face uncomfortable comments and looks. However, every day more and more people manage to fight stereotypes, proving that age is not an impediment to finding your life partner.

At Bright Side, we firmly believe that this world revolves around love, so we decided to share with you some couples who showed off their happiness to the world, no matter the age difference.

1. “We had a baby! 51M and 28F and little Livvie, 4 months”

2. “53M and 27F: Before our trip and during our trip. We travel all the time. Life is good.”

3. “My fiancé and I have been together for over 5 years. There are 36 years between us!”

“And no, he does not have money, I currently have more assets than he does.”

4. “We’ve been married for a year now and just had our first baby, 54M and 28F.”

5. “2 months ago (25F/61M). Couldn’t be happier!”

6. “I (31F) married my best friend (53M).”

7. “20F, 41M — Been with my bf for a year now, the best year of my life. So nice to be stable and in a loving relationship.”

“We got to travel to so many places, we work together doing the best job ever, my family loves him, and we get to go to Disneyland whenever. Have a trip planned every month.”

8. “Our age gap produced this beautiful joy!”

9. “We eloped! 32F and 56M, and our two daughters.”

10. “This is my second marriage. I’ve (42F) realized it’s truly best I didn’t meet my husband (27M) any earlier in life.”

“It is only now that we are the best versions of ourselves. And that’s exactly who we want to be because it’s what we deserve, both as individuals and as partners.”

11. “After 14 years together, we (44F and 60M) finally made our vows. We had an amazing day, with special family and close friends.”

12. “28 and 61. It’s been over a year now and we couldn’t be happier.”

13. “F24 and M50. Been together 3 years this month. Bought our house last year. My best friend.”

14. “My love (41F) and me (24M)”

15. “Look what the love of my life (58) and I (30) made!! She will be 2 this month and people still can’t believe he is her dad.”

16. “My husband (52M) and I (30F). We celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary this year.”

17. “Me (30F) and the love of my life (47M), together 2 years. He makes me the happiest I’ve ever been.”

18. “My husband (73M) and I (28F) have known each other 10 years, been together 8 and married 2!”

19. “45F + 25M, I’m actually in love. 4 years strong with my soulmate.”

What obstacles have you overcome for love? Tell us your experience or a story of your friends or family that proves that love is capable of anything.


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