19 People With Periods of Bad Luck That Just Won’t End

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We all get in trouble sometimes but the heroes of this article could definitely be up for The Worst Day Ever award.

Bright Side gathered 19 pictures of people who know luck is not on their side.

“This is why you shouldn’t wear jeans with holes on sunny days.”

The worst morning ever

“Our shipment came in last night. Walked in to see this this morning.”

Marketing vs. reality

“That time I saw someone trying to smuggle 50 boxes of cookies and get treated like a drug lord.”

“One year after telling people to not use metal in the nonstick pan”

“I bought flowers online. Left is a pic from their online catalog, right is what got delivered.”

When you’ve never cleaned your computer:

“I asked the lady to cut my sandwich into 3 pieces.”

“Looks like our puppy isn’t quite ready to be left alone yet.”

“Found a car key. Will give it back if the owner changes my tire.”

“First time falling over the handlebars today.”

He needs a new screwdriver.

“Our $1000 TV just arrived.”

“Someone crashed into my garage door while I was sleeping.”

“I was too tired and forgot about the coffee pot.”

“Well, it was a nice ride until we hit a surprise hailstorm.”


Zac Efron has bad days too.

Have you ever gotten into these situations? Tell us in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in November 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit zacefron/instagram


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