19 Pictures That Could Be Happy Pills to Help You Get Through the Week

year ago

You’ve probably experienced that feeling on Sundays where you wish the weekend would last longer. Well, we’ve got you covered. These photos here will give you that second Sunday feeling during a rough week. So no matter what life throws at you, here are your daily doses of serotonin to get you through anything with a big smile on your face.

1. “My dad sent me this selfie.”

2. “Trying out a new Korean recipe”

3. “My selfie with a kangaroo.”

4. “Goin’ for a walk! But first a selfie.”

5. “Almost 9 months old and she is already perfecting the art of the selfie pose.”

6. “Blinded me with science!”

7. “I see your cat selfie and raise you...”

8. “I tried to take a cute Christmas photo holding my dog...”

9. “Went scrolling through my photos and found a photo with my dog with makeup.”

10. “My friend took a photo of this dog.”

11. “The perfect selfie doesn’t exis-”

12. “Look at my opossum hat! This little baby is the newest addition at work.”

13. “The way my cat looks at my boyfriend”

14. “Her first time in this.”

15. “My bf with my dog when they sleep together.”

16. “After being sick in bed with my loyal buddy Hugo, I tried taking a good photo of us!”

17. “The little men won’t stop climbing the chairs at the dining table, so we bought them their own chairs.”

18. “The look on her face makes every day worthwhile.”

19. “My 2-year-old insists I roll her up like a burrito every day.”

What is a memory you have that always puts a smile on your face? Share it with us in the comments!


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